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Released: 2020

“Here This Christmas” by Gwen Stefani is a beautifully heartfelt pop ballad that outpours unconditional love during the holiday season. In essence, Stefani articulates the sentiment that Christmas isn’t about the material gifts or decorative trimmings, but the presence of loved ones encapsulating the real magic of this time of year.

The song opens with picturesque imagery of Christmas, describing an idyllic wintery night dotted with Christmas lights, and an anticipation for a call from her beloved. The lyrics “Got the gifts in the tree \ Got the cards that I found \ Ones you wrote me saying, ‘Santa Clause is coming to town'” embellishes the traditional preparation for the holiday. However, it’s swiftly followed by “But there’s just one thing that I want this year,” indicating that all the typical Christmas accouterments, while cherished, are not the true essence of the holiday for her.

When Stefani sings “Don’t need presents under the tree \ Don’t need snow and caroling \ I just need you here this Christmas,” she’s dismissing the externals commonly associated with the festive season. It’s a significant declaration because she’s expressing that despite the beauty and joy these things bring, they pale in comparison to the joy of having her loved one around.

Lines like “Silver bells and mistletoe \ Everywhere you look it’s glistening \ Say you’re on your way back home \ You’re the only thing that’s missing” enhance the sense of anticipation and excitement. There’s a sense of joy and completion that permeates the song once the lover is finally home, encapsulated in the line “Here together is what makes the season merry and bright.”

The final segment, “Stories by fireside \ The warmth in a loved one’s eyes,” underline the intimate moments shared during Christmas. These memories are what Stefani identifies as the cornerstone of the season.

Ultimately, Stefani’s “Here This Christmas” resonates profoundly, shedding light on the importance of love and companionship during the holiday season. It celebrates the warmth and coziness that companionship brings during Christmas, reminding listeners that the best gift of all is being surrounded by those we cherish.

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