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Meaning of the song ‘Heaven’ by ‘Niall Horan’

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Released: 2023

In the song “Heaven” by Niall Horan, the Irish troubadour essentially paints a picture of a love so intense and all-consuming, it makes everything else, even the concept of heaven, pale in comparison. This is a track that puts you directly in the center of the whirlwind of a passionate love, risking it all, even if it leads to self-destruction.

Starting off with the lines “Strange light revolves around you / You float across the room”, Horan frames his lover as this captivating, otherworldly figure, elevating her with metaphors, and signifying the enchantment he feels around her. He expresses that her presence alone is something heavenly — asserting that “Heaven can’t hold a candle to”, an idiom indicating his belief that her allure outshines that of heaven itself.

The chorus “God only knows where this could go / And even if our love starts to grow out of control / And you and me go up in flames / Heaven won’t be the same” lays bare the strength of his emotion. Pop music is no stranger to the ‘love as fire’ metaphor, symbolizing both warmth and danger, which Horan uses as a declaration of his willingness to risk even cataclysmic ends for his love. Watching Horan juggle this love-struck self with a cautious one is a journey in itself.

Deepening his confession, Horan sings “I believe, I believe / I could die in your kiss / No, it doesn’t get, doesn’t get better than this”. This line emphasizes just how much he’s fallen — he’s saying that the very act of kissing this person feels so incredible, so satisfying, that he would be content if it were his last act. This is a testament to their overwhelming influence on him — something that trumps all else.

All in all, “Heaven” is Niall Horan’s tribute to the all-in, high stakes kind of love, one that’s got him feeling nearly transcendent. It’s gritty, it’s raw, and it’s well representative of the power love has, to make us risk it all, even heaven. It’s dramatic, sure, but tell me what love isn’t?

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