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Released: 2024

D4VD shakes the pop terrain with his euphonically charged track “Feel It”. The song is a hypnotic reflection on the consuming currents of love and the raw yearning for connection. D4VD lays out both his persistence in pursuing this relationship and the emotional turbulence that it causes him.

The opening verses paint a picture of unrequited love and a burning desire to bridge the distance between himself and his love interest. Lyrics like “What do you have in store? One life away, we can’t explore” set the stage for his simmering impatience to delve deeper into the relationship. This is underpinned by the lines, “’Cause this the type of feeling you can’t ignore (ayy)/ I’m ready to break down the door, settle the score.” Here, D4VD is making it clear that he’s done being on the side-lines and is ready to assert himself to sway the relationship in his favor.

Moving on to the chorus, “Ooh, I just love the way you got me feeling/ And now I can feel it/ It’s like, ooh/ Take away the pain/ Baby, I’m healing/ Baby, I’m healing” D4VD poetically encapsulates the bittersweet nature of love–the ecstasy of the emotional high note and the healing after heartache. Notice his use of the symbolic ‘wave’ and ‘shore’ metaphor–“Be the wave, I’ll be the shore”–to underline his willingness for his love to sweep over him, however tumultuous.

A shift occurs in the subsequent verse, “She coming my way/ She running round saying whatever she wanna say/ I told her I don’t wanna have to do this everyday/ Told her that I love her but she thinking it’s a game”. Here, D4VD portrays the tug of war in their dynamic—her casual flirtations versus his genuine sentiments. He expresses frustration over the cyclical, game-like nature of this scenario.

Finally, D4VD circles back to the chorus, returning to the raw longing and healing he’s experiencing. This repetition solidifies the song’s central theme: love’s paradoxical power to both wound and heal. “Feel It” demonstrates D4VD’s knack for modeling pop music’s emotive power, crystalizing the highs, lows, and in-betweens of romantic entanglement with an ear-catching, lyrical finesse.

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