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Meaning of the song ‘Chocolate’ by ‘The 1975’

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Released: 2013

“Chocolate” by The 1975 is a rambunctious ode to the wild abandon of youth and the sweetness of transgression. The 1975 hits a home run, serving up a catchy tune laced with a rebellious narrative that’s as intoxicating as the guilty pleasure of biting into forbidden chocolate.

The opening lines “Hey now, call it a split, because you know that you will / Oh, oh, you bite your friends like chocolate” sets the tone for a vignette of adolescent mischief and indulgence. Here, “bite your friends like chocolate” is likely a metaphor for delivering cheeky digs at mates, a testament to the closeness and camaraderie involved in youthful rebellion.

We get a clearer picture of this rebellion when they sing “we go where nobody know / With guns hidden under our petticoat”. The “guns” likely don’t signify real firearms but rather stand for rebellious attitudes, secret pranks, or risky actions concealed beneath the cloak of innocence. The phrase “we’re never gonna quit it” is punctuating the band’s affirmation towards youthful defiance, a refusal to abandon their rebellious ways.

“Run, run away from the boys in blue” gives us a snapshot of the thrill and danger involved in their hijinks, as ‘boys in blue’ is an informal reference to police. The line “my car smells like chocolate” whimsically sums up the juxtaposition of childlike innocence and teenage rebellion that characterizes this season of life.

The lyric “If you don’t stop smoking it / That’s what she said” suggests someone advising the speaker to stop a harmful habit, presumably smoking. But the speaker, ever the typical defiant youngster, dismisses the advice – a testament to the mighty grip of addictive youthful vices.

In the final verses, the stakes rise, with references to “the feds” – another term for law enforcement – indicating that their actions aren’t without consequences. This amps up the theme of rebellion, adding an element of risk and danger to their antics. The frequent call to “Seriously better go” suggests the urgency and tension beneath all the fun and games.

In essence, “Chocolate” by The 1975 is an exhilarating ride through the trials and travails of youth, filled with playful rebellion, intoxicating freedom, and the bittersweet lesson that actions have consequences. It’s a pop track that captures youthful exuberance and reckless abandon in equal measure, distilling the essence of the heady, tempestuous stage of adolescence into a catchy, melodious experience.

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