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Released: 2020

Sam Hunt’s “Body Like A Back Road” is a foot-stomping, whisky-tasting, sun-shining slice of country-infused pop with lyrics that read like a lit love letter to a lass from the Southside. The song is an ode to a girl with an unrushed, deeply known allure that he compares to a drive on a familiar, winding, back road: scenic, exciting, yet comfortably recognizable.

The first verse sets the scene: a girl from the Southside, hair braided, eliciting a jaw-dropping impression on first sight. “Man I ’bout fell up out my chair” – a Southern colloquial way of expressing his amazement. The mention of ‘Cadillac seats’ underscores the depth and comfort of their relationship, as Cadillac is a symbol of style and luxury in American pop culture.

The chorus introduces the central metaphor, likening her “body” to a “back road”. This isn’t all about physical allure, though that’s definitely there. Back roads, often less traveled, winding and more scenic, evoke a sense of unhurried enjoyment and familiarity. The ‘eyes closed’ line suggests his intimate familiarity with her. Meanwhile, “Doin’ 15 in a 30 / I ain’t in no hurry” emphasizes his desire to take his time, savoring each moment with her.

Then, there’s a laudatory description of his girl in tight-fitting blue jeans, which emphasizes her attractive, natural physique. The phrase “hips like honey/So thick and so sweet”, can be seen as an expression of the singer’s deep attraction, while the comparison of her curves to downtown streets further emphasizes her captivating physical beauty.

Then, picture them out in the boonies, lost in nature and each other, with the line “Tangled up in the tall grass / With my lips on hers”. Now that’s a rural romantic idyll. Phrases like “highway to heaven” and “south of her smile” could be interpreted as euphemisms for intimate moments, while “every inch is a mile” reiterates his intention to take it slow, taking pleasure in every moment.

Wrapping up, the song concludes with a refrain of the chorus, emphasizing the song’s core theme – his familiarity with her, his slow, savored love for her, and the comfortable, scenic journey they’re on, just like a drive on a back road.

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