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Meaning of the song ‘Bags’ by ‘Clairo’

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Released: 2019

“Bags” by Clairo is a solo dance between yearning and apprehension, a confession of attraction muddied by the fear of rejection and the uncertainty of reciprocation. It delves into the raw nerve of human vulnerabilities, highlighting the complexity of expressing feelings for someone else, yet simultaneously terrified of what may lie ahead.

As the track plods along, it unravels the story of suppressed feelings and secret desires. The opening lines “I don’t wanna talk to you anymore. All these little games..” suggest Clairo battling with an internal tug-of-war, a state where she wants to communicate but is held back by weariness caused by emotional games.

When she sings “Can you see me? I’m waiting for the right time. I can’t read you, but if you want, the pleasure’s all mine,” it’s a raw admission of her struggle to comprehend the dynamics of her connection with the person. This line resonates with anyone who has ever found themselves stuck in the vortex of an unexpressed attraction.

“Walking out the door with your bags” serves as a metaphor for the person leaving her emotionally. As the listener, it slaps you with the harsh reality that the emotional connection she longs for might only wind up being a passing moment.

Through her lines “Pour your glass of wine. Cases under the bed. Spill it open, let it rush to my head,” Clairo hints at the usage of alcohol as a means to bury the tumultuous emotions she was dealing with. The simplicity of her lyrics is what makes it so revealing and heart-rending.

Her feelings of attraction mixed with confusion come to the forefront in the lines: “I’m not the type to run, I know that we’re having fun, But what’s the rush? Kissing, then my cheeks are so flushed.” This beautifully juxtaposes the thrill of the moment with the nervous anticipation of what the future might hold.

“Tell you how I felt, Sugar coated melting in your mouth” here, her emotions are likened to candy, sweet yet fleeting. “Pardon my emotions, I should probably keep it all to myself” is a reference to her fear of being judged or mocked for her feelings – “Know you’d make fun of me.”

In a nutshell, “Bags” is an exquisite showcase of Clairo’s lyrical prowess and her ability to articulate intricate emotions with unpretentious honesty. It’s a universal tale of modern romance, circling around the angst and euphoria that comes with unexpressed love and the fear of the prospective emotional fallout.

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