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Meaning of the song ‘b i g f e e l i n g s’ by ‘WILLOW’

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Released: 2024

“b i g f e e l i n g s” by WILLOW is an emotional exploration of the monumental – or “big” feelings that oftentimes prove difficult to articulate or share openly. The song confronts the struggle of internalizing one’s emotional turmoil versus acknowledging them and seeking acceptance for what is, rather than what one may want it to be.

The introspective lyrics of the verse, “I have such big feelings/Can’t shut ’em down without a sound” highlights the internal emotional conflict that WILLOW is grappling with. The repetition of ‘big feelings’ underscores the intensity and overwhelming nature of these emotions. This notion of silent suffering resonates deeper as she sings, “I know I’m not fine but yes, I say I’m fine.” Here, WILLOW articulates a common practice of masking one’s emotional turmoil behind a facade of being okay – a universally shared experience, making her lyrics increasingly relatable.

The chorus of “Acceptance is the key/Acceptance gives me wings” reveals WILLOW’s recognition of the crucial role acceptance plays in managing and navigating through these vast emotions. Acceptance, in this context, translates to acknowledging and embracing one’s feelings without judgment or the desire to suppress. And it’s this acceptance that acts as a liberating force, represented by the metaphor of “wings”.

As we delve further into the song with lyrics like, “I know you got, I know I got problems”, it becomes apparent that the feelings she addresses aren’t exclusively personal. WILLOW mirrors her experiences with an unnamed ‘you’, enforcing the universality of these sentiments. This sense of shared struggle and acknowledgment of problems contributes to a deeper understanding of the complexity and parallels of human emotions.

Ultimately, “b i g f e e l i n g s” navigates the journey of emotional acceptance. It’s a raw depiction of WILLOW’s insight into the turbulent world of deep-seated emotions. The lyrical depth of the song offers a relatability that encourages its listeners to face their emotions, emphasizing the importance and liberating power of acceptance.

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