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Meaning of the song ‘ALIEN SUPERSTAR’ by ‘Beyoncé’

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Released: 2022

“Alien Superstar” by Beyoncé delivers a dynamic assertion of individuality, unapologetic confidence, and unattainable luxury. It’s all about self-celebration, asserting one’s uniqueness, and reveling in one’s own success, wrapped up in a narrative that makes heavy use of space and alien imagery to emphasize the ‘otherworldly’ nature of the speaker’s personality and lifestyle.

The opening line, “Please, do not be alarmed, remain calm/Do not attempt to leave the dancefloor” sets the stage for something extraordinary. Beyoncé positions herself as the ‘alien superstar’ taking over the DJ booth, reminiscent of sci-fi invasions and speaking to her ability to command attention.

As the first verse kicks off with “I’m one of one, I’m number one, I’m the only one”, Beyoncé asserts her individuality and superiority. The repeated emphasis on being the ‘one’ along with “No one else in this world can think like me” further stresses her uniqueness. When she says “I’m twisted (twisted), I’ll contradict it, keep him addicted/Lies on his lips, I lick it”, she’s likely referring to her ability to keep her lover intrigued and entranced.

The following phrase, “Stilettos kicking vintage crystal off the bar”, paints a picture of luxury and refinement effortlessly clashing with rugged edginess. This line, coupled with “Category bad bitch, I’m the bar (ooh)/Alien superstar”, helps us understand her self-perception as a trendsetter — the ultimate standard.

Beyoncé seems to move to a different plane of existence in the chorus. “I’m too classy for this world, forever I’m that girl/Feed you diamonds and pearls” suggests her worldly successes are secondary to her innate elegance and class, highlighting a lifestyle so lavish she ‘feeds’ diamonds and pearls — traditional symbols of wealth and luxury — just like everyday meals.

In the lines, “Unicorn is the uniform you put on/Eyes on you when you perform/Eyes on I when I put on”, she’s comparing herself to a mystical and rare creature, the unicorn, highlighting her allure and magnetic performance. Furthermore, “Label whores can’t clock, I’m so obscure (unique)” serves as a dismissal of judgment and potential backlash from those hooked on mainstream designer labels, pointing out she’s beyond what they can comprehend or critique.

The song ends with her declaration of being ‘Unique’, Reiterating her qualities and wrapping it up when she sings, “We dress a certain way, we walk a certain way/We talk a certain way, we-we paint a certain way/We, we make love a certain way, you know?”. This emphasizes her idiosyncrasies, stressing the distinction between ‘us’ and ‘them’, and the ‘unique’ way her tribe navigates the world.

“Alien Superstar” presents an anthem for those who embrace their individuality, and proudly proclaim their uniqueness. It’s a power-ballad that spins a world of opulence, otherness, and unapologetic self-love right onto your dancefloor.

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