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Released: 2022

At first listen, one might think that “A Nonsense Christmas” by Sabrina Carpenter is a merry, holiday-themed tune. Upon closer inspection, however, it becomes clear that this track is a flirtatious, cheeky interpretation of traditional holiday tropes. With an underpinning of romantic suggestion and naughty Christmas-related metaphors, Carpenter expresses her love and desire towards her partner during the festive season.

The opening verse, “Think I only want you under my mistletoe / I might change your contact to “Has a huge North Pole,” is an early indicator of the duality of Carpenter’s lyrics, blending holiday cheer with playful innuendo. The mistletoe reference represents a universal symbol of holiday romance, while the ‘huge North Pole’ is a cheeky nod towards her significant other’s appeal.

In the line, “Boy, I been a bad girl, I guess I’m getting coal,” Carpenter cleverly refers to the tradition of receiving coal in your Christmas stocking if you’ve been naughty throughout the year. However, she does so with a glimmer in her eye, implying that the ‘naughty’ behavior might have been worth it.

Her phrase, “Lemme come warm you up, you been out in the snow / Baby, my tongue goes numb, sounds like “ho-ho-ho”” employs a creative use of imagery to insinuate closeness and shared intimacy during the cold festive season. Once again, the “ho-ho-ho” saying, usually associated with Santa Claus, is cleverly twisted to reflect their shared, joyful moments.

Throughout the song, the chorus goes, “You’re my wish list / Lookin’ at you got me thinkin’ Christmas / Snowflakes in my stomach when we’re kissin’…”. Here, Carpenter is clearly indicating that this person is all she wants for Christmas. The statement ‘Snowflakes in my stomach when we’re kissing’ paints a picture of the excitement and butterflies one experiences when being with someone they care for deeply.

Near the end, she sings, “Look at all those presents, that’s a big sack / Boy, that package is too big to gift wrap.” Here we find more cheeky imagery, likening her loved one to a large Christmas present. This once again showcases Carpenter’s skill in blending holiday-themed language with humor and flirtatiousness.

Summarily, Sabrina Carpenter’s “A Nonsense Christmas” is an audacious pop number that takes traditional Christmas elements and combines them with romantic and cheeky innuendos. Carpenter manages to create a song that captures the sweet indulgence of holiday romance with a saucy twist. The song’s ability to maintain a classic Christmas spirit while adding a fresh and playful perspective is what makes it a real pop holiday treasure.

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