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Released: 2022

“2 Die 4” by Tove Lo is a spellbinding pop track that unapologetically explores the depth of love and attraction – the kind that not only sweeps you off your feet, but also blows off the roof with its intensity. The lyrics illustrate the singer’s infatuation, tinged with hopefulness and an almost wistful craving for an adventurous yet profound connection with the object of her affection.

Let’s break it down, shall we? Verse one, with the lines “You don’t look like in your photo / You’re prettier than that”, immediately highlights Tove’s captivation by her partner’s physical beauty. This is followed by the longing in the line “Man, I hope you call me, call me” – it speaks volumes about the singer’s desire for a deeper connection and her commitment not to disappoint.

The chorus is a lyrical landscape painted in vibrant metaphors, and trust me when I say it, it’s sugary pop at its best. “Look alive and come with me, you’re to die for everyday / Drag you out at midnight to dance in headlights and making out in the rain” – this is a call to throw caution to the wind in the name of love and live in the moment. The vivid imagery of dancing in headlights and kissing in the rain is not just romantic, it also implies a sense of spontaneity and rebellion, typical of intense, almost feverish romantic encounters.

The line “When I think about you, the world go less blue” is a textbook expression of finding solace and joy in one’s lover. The signature repetition of the chorus is not just an effective pop-song technique, but it serves as an exaggeration of Tove Lo’s emotions – each time she expresses them, they become more amplified, more palpable.

Moving on to the second verse, Tove expresses more about her willingness to embark on adventures with this person. She offers her sympathy, suggesting if “you wanna find yourself”, she’s ready to be there at his side – yet another testament to her unwavering commitment.

The sentiment throughout “2 Die 4” is the epitome of a head-over-heels love scenario, where our lady Tove Lo isn’t afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve, get a bit reckless, and live in the moment. As listeners, we’re invited to witness the emotional rollercoaster ride, gently urged to live vicariously through the lyrics and let ourselves experience the exhilarating feeling of being so deeply in love that everyday seems “to die for”.

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