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Meaning of ‘The Craving’ by ‘Twenty One Pilots’

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Released: 2024

The song “The Craving” by Twenty One Pilots revolves around the feelings of desire and longing. It explores the fear of expressing ourselves fully, the fear of the unknown, and our deep yearning for connection. In essence, it’s a roller-coaster of the human emotional experience.

Starting with the lines “Seems I get in my own way, The more I think, the less I say”, the song reflects the struggle of overthinking which often leads us to say less than we actually want to. The protagonist hopes he’s communicated his “craving” or desire effectively. The repeated phrase “Say enough, say enough” evokes an internal debate about whether he’s expressed his feelings aptly.

“If I found my body in chains, I’d lay down and wait” is a vivid depiction of the protagonist’s endurance and hope. This directly translates to being in a tough situation but choosing to patiently wait in the hope that the one he loves will come looking for him, instead of striving for freedom himself.

“She just wants to catch a wave, Ride it out to the end of her days” portrays the girl’s desire to live life fully, to ride the wave of life until the end. The protagonist again expresses the hope to satisfy this craving, indicating a deep desire to fulfill her dreams and aspirations. It’s a stunning example of selfless love.

As the song approaches its end, the lines “‘Cause it’s the fear of the unknown. That cripples every step we take” show that our fears can often hold us back. Fear of the unknown, fear of rejection, or failure might cripple us and prevent us from expressing our deepest feelings.

The last verse “Now I see intentions don’t mean much” is a revelation. It means that what we intend to do or say isn’t always as important as what we actually do or say. In the context of the song, it’s an admission that his intentions – his hope to express love and his fear of the unknown – might not matter as much as the action of expressing or not expressing his love.

In conclusion, “The Craving” is a deeply introspective and emotionally charged song. It captures the complicated nature of human emotions and the struggles we often face in expressing our true feelings.

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