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Meaning of ‘The Black’ by ‘Asking Alexandria’

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Released: 2016

“The Black” by Asking Alexandria deals with themes of deep pain, betrayal, and the struggle to let go of someone who’s caused you harm. It’s a raw and cathartic exploration of these emotions, set against a backdrop of intense, driving rhythms and riffs.

The lines, “Bury me, just leave me to sleep in the dirt. Finish me, I’m floating away,” are filled with a sense of desperation and surrender, as if the songwriter feels defeated by their struggles. The lyric, “There’s a demon staring straight through your eyes. Am I wasting my time?” suggests that the person they’re addressing is causing them pain or behaving maliciously.

“You make me feel like I’m fucking drowning” and “You made my world come crashing down around me” powerfully express the negative impact this individual has had on the singer’s life. The phrase, “I need to cut you out,” is a common way of saying they need to remove this person from their life completely to move on and heal.

“I’ve been crucified and hung out to dry. Yet my heart still beats and I feel so alive. This time I’ll fight for myself as you try to fuck me over.” These lines speak to the resilience of the lyricist, despite the painful circumstances. They’ve decided to stand up for themselves, showing a shift from hurt and despair to determination and resilience.

“Your tongue like a knife. Your eyes cut like daggers,” further emphasizes the pain caused by the other person’s words and actions. The phrase, “I don’t feel a thing ’cause I’m so dead inside,” conveys a sense of numbness resulting from deep emotional pain.

Overall, this song paints a vivid picture of emotional turmoil, a painful relationship, and the process of letting go. It uses vivid, impactful language to convey its raw, powerful emotions.

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