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Meaning of ‘Te Felicito’ by ‘Shakira’ feat. Rauw Alejandro

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Released: 2024

Features: Rauw Alejandro

“Te Felicito”, a potent track by Shakira featuring Rauw Alejandro, is an emotional exploration of the fallout after a toxic relationship. It paints a picture of deceit, betrayal, and eventual self-empowerment. Our main protagonist – Shakira – is dealing with a heartbreak, but finds strength in recognizing her ex’s deceits.

The song starts with Shakira expressing her regret and sadness: “Por completarte me rompí en pedazos/Me lo advirtieron pero no hice caso” (To complete you, I broke myself into pieces/They warned me but I didn’t listen). She’s acknowledging how she ignored warnings about her partner and ended up shattered as a result.

The chorus “Te felicito, qué bien actúas…” (I congratulate you, you act so well…) carries a sarcastic undertone. The phrase “Te queda bien ese show” (That show suits you well) shows that Shakira is now able to see the performance of her former lover for what it was – all an act.

Upon Rauw Alejandro’s entrance, we get another layer to the narrative. His lines suggest he’s talking to the same deceitful lover, adding parallelism to Shakira’s story. When he says “No te bloqueé de las redes pa’ que vea a la otra en la Mercedes” (I didn’t block you on social media so you could see the other woman in the Mercedes), we see his form of retribution. He allows his ex access to his life to witness his prosperity without them.

Shakira’s line, “Te deberían dar un Óscar, lo has hecho tan bien” (They should give you an Oscar, you’ve done it so well) signifies her recognition of her former lover’s elaborate pretense. It’s a dual-edged sentiment – both sarcastic and an acknowledgment of power the lover had over her emotions.

“Te Felicito” is more than just a breakup song; it’s a gauntlet thrown down in the face of deceit and manipulation. It channels the aftermath of a painful relationship into a declaration of self-worth and resilience, and denounces the actor’s performance, refusing to be a part of his show anymore.

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