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Released: 2022

Features: Dua Lipa

“Sweetest Pie” by Megan Thee Stallion, featuring Dua Lipa isn’t for the faint-hearted. This vibrant number croons about a wild, empowered woman who controls her love life, unabashed about being straightforward with her desires. We’re talking about a bold mélange of confidence, sass, and sexiness.

The story line of “Sweetest Pie” unfolds around a woman who’s in control, both in and out of the bedroom. The line “Ooh, this the ride of your life, hold on ’cause, baby, I might, I might just give you a bite of the sweetest pie” is a clever use of metaphor for her irresistible allure. Megan and Dua take the driver’s seat, making it clear they’re the ones dictating the terms. The repeated question “You’ve never been to Heaven, have you?” further underscores their alluring power.

The lyrics “I might take you home with this, I might give you all of it” and “Come get your dose of the sweetest pie” reiterate her comfort in expressing her wants. ‘Sweetest pie’, used prominently throughout the song, is a playful euphemism, an enticing proposition that is as sweet and hard to resist as a perfect dessert.

Passage through lines like: “Baby, I’m the sweetest, pussy is the meanest” confirms Megan isn’t shy about openly laying her sexual prowess on the table. It’s clear she honours unapologetic womanhood and sexual empowerment, which, let’s be real, has been a big part of her brand since day one. She combines this with self-assured lines like “Hot Girl shit, but I’m cold every season” and “I ain’t never had to chase dick in my life” to make a potent statement of a woman in control.

Megan delves deeper, touching on relationships drifts, especially past ones, in lines like “Don’t be going through my phone ’cause that’s the old me (old me), Ain’t the only one tryna be my one and only”. She’s setting boundaries, reinforcing her unwillingness to tolerate insecurity or possessiveness.

The line “You got me hung up from across the room, I’m so high that I’m on another altitude” shows their affection for the mystery man, while lines like “Toes curling like they’re throwing gang signs on Crip, One thing about me, I ain’t taking no shit” establish their no-nonsense approach to relationships and their owner disposition.

Megan and Dua blend their fiery personas effectively to maintain a dual theme of desire and dominance throughout the song, invoking a sense of empowerment and unapologetic expression of womanhood. “Sweetest Pie” is a cheeky, sultry number with a hard-hitting message that’s as sweet as the pie it sings about. This song isn’t just a pop banger, but a symbol of sexual liberation and feminine power.

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