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Meaning of ‘Standing Next to You’ by ‘Jung Kook’

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Released: 2023

Jung Kook’s “Standing Next to You” is a sleek, funky expression of commitment and loyalty, where the lyrics emphasize staunch solidarity in the face of adversity. At its core, it’s about a love that’s so deep and profound, it’s been coded into their very DNA, referencing the immutable bond between the artist and the subject.

In the first verse, “Standing next to you, Play me slow” sets the mood for the song. Here Jung Kook is positioning himself alongside a significant other, asking them to take their time and savour their moments together. When he says, “I push up on this funk and give me miracles (let ya body know)”, he’s expressing how their relationship and shared experiences have given him incredible, almost miraculous moments. The phrase “let ya body know” conveys a sense of communication beyond words, using the body and physical presence as tools for deep connection.

The lyrics, “How we left and right is something we control (you already know)” hints at the kind of relationship they have. It’s an equal partnership where both individuals have a say in their journey. ‘Left and right’ signifies choices, decisions, and controlling these aspects means they navigate their relationship together.

The chorus, “Screaming, I testify this lovin’…They can’t deny our love. They can’t divide us, we’ll survive the test of time” is a testament to Jung Kook’s absolute belief in the strength of their love. Testifying implies a form of public affirmation, so he’s confident enough to let the world know and ‘scream’ about their love. This love, he believes, is so potent that it will withstand time and adversity, that nobody can take it away or divide them.

Moving on, the line, “You know it’s deeper than the rain. It’s deeper than the pain. When it’s deep like DNA” provides a comparative measure of their bond. When he uses elements like rain and pain, he’s conveying that their love runs deeper than temporary occurrences or fleeting emotions, it’s as ingrained and fundamental as DNA. It’s a love that is unchangeable, unshakeable and absolutely unique.

Finally, the repeated phrase, “Standing next to you” is a physical and metaphorical representation of Jung Kook’s unwavering support and commitment. Whether in joy, pain, fire, or any other circumstance, he promises to stay alongside his loved one, further reinforcing the theme of steadfast loyalty and deep-rooted love this song embodies.

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