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Meaning of ‘SHUT UP’ by ‘Jessie Reyez’ feat. Big Sean

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Released: 2024Features: Big Sean”SHUT UP” by Jessie Reyez featuring Big Sean is a cocky, assertive number that flaunts the artists’ confidence and success. This tune gives off a vibe of not caring about what others think, and the emphasis is on self-recognition and liberation.

The repetitive line “Phone full of options, bank full of bills” suggests that Jessie and Sean have both opportunities and obligations, but they’re pursuing their passions for the thrill of it, not because they have to. It’s a celebration of their success and independence.

In the verse, “Most of these men just mad they can’t have it. They bitches plastic, that bitch is a catfish.” Jessie signals that she’s aware of the jealousy and fakeness around her. “Catfish” is a term used to describe someone who pretends to be someone they’re not, often for deceptive reasons.

Big Sean uses a clever pun in “Batman, Black Man, Billionaire but- But ain’t nobody robbin’.” He’s asserting his success and power – like Batman and a billionaire – but asserting that no one can steal (‘rob’) his achievements despite being a black man in a society fraught with racial inequalities.

One of the hooks, “Might throw it in your face just to get you to Shut up, shut up,” feels like a unified message from Jessie and Sean to their critics. They’re not afraid to flaunt their success, and they want their critics to stop talking and start appreciating their accomplishments.

So there you have it. Jessie Reyez and Big Sean are not just talking about their accomplishments, they’re also discussing the challenges they face. But the main message in “SHUT UP” is they won’t be silenced or diminished by critics, jealousy, or societal expectations.

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