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Meaning of ‘Rewrite The Stars’ by ‘James Arthur’ feat. Anne-Marie

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Released: 2018

Features: Anne-Marie

“Rewrite The Stars”, a celestial duet by James Arthur and Anne-Marie, taps into the fathomless pool of star-crossed lovers overtones. In the midst of conflicting emotions and external barriers, the song voices the longing for a love that defies the odds.

In the opening verse, James Arthur’s lyrics are a soulful plea, outsinging his unspoken affection for his love interest. The “secret I try to hide” indicates a covert love, and “our hands are tied” expresses the helplessness they both feel. He challenges destiny, metaphorically referenced as “the cards”, suggesting that their love is thwarted by it.

The chorus amplifies the song’s core sentiment, proposing a rebellion against fate and a reshaping of their destiny, embodied by the phrase “rewrite the stars”. This imagery taps into the ancient belief that stars could determine one’s fate. The lyrics underscore the suggestion that they should take control of their own fate, rather than letting it control them.

While the first verse is flooded with hope and desire, the second verse, voiced by Anne-Marie, gives a more melancholy perspective. The “mountains” and “doors we can’t walk through” serve as metaphors signifying the insurmountable obstacles standing between them. There’s also a recognition of the dichotomy that exists between their private place “within these walls” and the harsh realm of the exterior world.

As the chorus recurs, the tune takes a somber tone with the line “No one can rewrite the stars.” It’s a stark realization that fate may be fixed, and their aspirations of rewriting their destiny may be futile, echoing the bitter truth of their star-crossed love.

The bridge carries the most emotional weight, replete with longing and desperation. “All I want is to fly with you, All I want is to fall with you” are powerful declarations of wanting to experience life’s ups and downs together, while the query of their love being “impossible” showcases a grappling struggle between hope and despair.

In the final chorus, the lyrics persist in their bold defiance toward destiny—”why don’t we rewrite the stars?”. The repeated proposal to “rewrite the stars” is a battle cry against the forces that keep them apart, reflecting the audacity of their love.

By the end of the song, we’re left with a poignant yet heartbreaking sentiment—”But I can’t have you. We’re bound to break and my hands are tied”—signifying an acceptance that despite the deep desire to be with each other, their love is doomed by a greater force.

Overall, “Rewrite The Stars” navigates the interplay between fate and free will, teetering between hope-filled optimism and despair-induced realism. It’s a melodious exploration of love, destiny, and the human desire to control it.

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