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Meaning of ‘Put It All on Me’ by ‘Ed Sheeran’ feat. Ella Mai

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Released: 2019

Features: Ella Mai

“Put It All on Me,” the Ed Sheeran and Ella Mai collaboration, is an earnest exploration of vulnerability, emotional dependency, and the comforts of an intimate relationship. The lyrics underscore the healing power of love, and the solace one finds when one’s partner provides a sanctuary from life’s struggles.

Throughout the song, Sheeran serves up a candid confession of his inner battles, a plea to his partner, using phrases like “I try to be strong, well, I got demons.” This reflects his personal struggles and serves as a metaphor for the challenging moments one might face in life. “Demons” could imply anything from insecurities to personal issues, it’s evidence of his introspective honesty that’s he is not always the strongest and that he sometimes needs support.

The lyrics go on as Sheeran expresses the need for someone with a “Strong heart and a soft touch” to lean on. This suggests that he is seeking both emotional and physical comfort from his partner. The phrase “And you’re the one when I want love” suggests that this person not only provides him support but is also his ultimate source of love.

Ella Mai, on the other hand, provides a comforting response. She promises to “be all you need” and continuing with “So put it all on me”. This is an idiom often used in music as an invitation for someone to transfer their worries and burdens onto another person. It speaks to the dynamic of their relationship, she too is prepared to share his load, to help navigate his troubled waters.

The chorus’ catchy phrase “Hey, baby, we can dance slowly” is likely a metaphor for the journey of love, implying that they are in no rush in their relationship, embracing a slow and steady approach to the ups and downs. The reference to dance is often used in pop music to metaphorically describe the rhythm and movements of a relationship.

The use of repetition, especially with phrases like “Put it all on me”, reinforces the song’s core theme: that of emotional dependency, total trust, and a deep sense of commitment. Therefore, “Put It All on Me” speaks not just of the battle with life’s challenges but the solace found in sharing these burdens with a loved one.

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