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Meaning of ‘Paper Rings’ by ‘Taylor Swift’

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Released: 2019

“Paper Rings” by Taylor Swift is all about love that’s real and raw, beyond the flashy stuff. It’s a deep dive into a relationship that starts from curiosity, moves through the playful chasing phase, and blooms into something pure and enduring. Taylor tells us that even without the glitter, she’s all in.

The song kicks off with Taylor reminiscing about the night they met and her efforts to learn more about them online, highlighting the modern start to their connection. The mention of the moon being high and reading all of the books beside your bed signifies deepening interest and the start of an emotional investment. The cold wine and the cold shoulder in the street point to initial hesitations and the playful, uncertain beginnings of their relationship.

The chorus is where Taylor throws the glamor out the window and gets real. Saying “I’d marry you with paper rings” is basically her way of saying she doesn’t need diamonds or luxury to commit to them; their love itself is enough. This is where she stamps down the theme of the song — true love over material glitz.

In the following verses and the bridge, Taylor recounts shared experiences, like jumping into an icy pool together, which symbolize taking risks and being adventurous with them. These stories of shared experiences and overcoming obstacles (“without all the exes, fights, and flaws, we wouldn’t be standing here so tall”) paint a picture of a relationship that’s stronger because of its challenges.

Towards the end, Swift’s desire to “drive away” with her partner and accept all their “complications” and “dreary Mondays” showcases her commitment to taking the good with the bad. This is the real deal; she’s not just in it for the happy moments, but for the whole, sometimes messy, experience of life with the person she loves.

Swift wraps up “Paper Rings” by reiterating her disdain for superficiality in favor of genuine connection. She’s made her choice clear: It’s the person, not the possessions, that make a relationship valuable. In essence, she’d say “I do” with nothing but paper rings, because to her, the real treasure is the love they share, not the ring it’s symbolized by.

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