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Meaning of ‘Our First Time’ by ‘Bruno Mars’

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Released: 2010

Step into the playful and sensual world of “Our First Time” by pop maestro Bruno Mars, an anthem of intimacy and exploration, gliding over fresh innocence, nuanced anxiety, and the exhilarating thrill of discovery. Mars masterfully crafts an atmosphere of anticipation, filling the air with the promise of a memorable encounter, all under the comforting assurance that everything will be okay.

The song kicks off with the comforting whisper, “Don’t it feel good, babe, don’t it feel good, baby?”, a reassuring note that emphasizes the novelty and excitement of the impending moment. This sense of newness is accentuated through the repeated lines, “Cause it’s so brand new, babe, it’s so brand new, baby”. By repeating these lines, Mars emphasizes the overwhelming sensation of a maiden voyage into the realms of intimacy.

We’re then immediately transported into a room with Mars and his partner, “in this big old empty room, Starin’ at each other, who’s gonna make the first move?” This perfectly captures that moment of trepidation and heightened tension before intimacy, riddled with eye games and subliminal messages. The line “The only place to go – is all the way, ooh baby” serves as both a comforting reassurance and a bold declaration, reflecting the mutual desire to surrender to the moment.

The chorus reinforces the idea of unhurried exploration. The phrase “And I will go real slow with it, slow with it. It’s our first time” creates an atmosphere of patience and respect for the process. It exhibits the understanding that first-time encounters must be treated delicately, with slow and considered movements.

We’re then treated to a playful, confident Mars in the lyrics, “Clothes are not required, for what we got planned. Ooh, girl, you’re my desire, your wish is my command”. Mars plays the role of the considerate, but assertive, lover who balances his desires with his partner’s comfort, always prioritizing her needs. His promise to “treat you like a princess” underscores this point.

The song circles back to the initial chorus, as if to underline a promise, a callback to the pledge made at the start, reiterating that he’ll go “real slow with it”. The final repetitions of “Don’t it feel good, babe, don’t it feel good, baby? and “Cause it’s so brand new, babe, it’s so brand new, baby” tie the song up nicely, reminding the listener of the thrill and the novelty that kicked off this sensual exploration.

In the grand scheme of pop’s erotic anthems, “Our First Time” stands out with its distinct blend of gentle assertiveness, playful sensuality, and respectful comfort, crafted through the lens of a first-time experience. It’s a love letter to the thrill of discovery, of mutual respect and consent that are essential to any intimate relationship, penned in classic Bruno Mars style.

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