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Meaning of ‘On My Love’ by ‘Zara Larsson’ feat. David Guetta

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Released: 2023

Features: David Guetta

“On My Love” by Zara Larsson, featuring the unmistakable mix wizardry of David Guetta, is a powerful pop anthem of deep commitment and steadfast devotion. The lyrics are a compelling testament to love’s transformative and persistent nature, brewing a whirlwind of dancey beats and high-octane emotions.

Let’s start with the pervasive phrase that’s all over the track: “That’s on my love”. This phrase is a strong, street-savvy assertion that what’s being said is true, comparable to swearing on one’s life. In the context of the song, Zara is affirming the irrefutable gravity of her feelings and her unwavering resolve to act on them, come hell or high water.

She sings, “Now, I don’t need the time to make up my mind”, suggesting an urgency and inevitability to her love. There’s no hesitation here, no wavering. Instead, there’s a trigger-happy readiness to plunge into the throes of passion, and that’s the tea on her love story.

The line, “Hear my pain, can you hear my prayer?/Take my breath, can you take me there?” further cements Zara’s undying devotion. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill teenage infatuation; it’s raw, it’s weighty, and it’s somewhat masochistic – she’s willing to endure pain, relinquish control, and have her breath taken away, all in the name of love.

Moving along to “Into the dark, into the light, baby, I go/Whether it’s wrong, whether it’s right, I will follow”, it underscores the unconditional and somewhat blind nature of her love. It reflects the dangerous allure of ambling blindly into the fog of romance, armed with nothing but faith and desire. These lyrics also suggest moral ambiguity, hinting at the reality that love doesn’t neatly fit into black-and-white categories of right and wrong. Despite the possible repercussions, Zara underlines her readiness to give everything up for the sake of her feelings. She’s willing to pay the price and make sacrifices, no matter how steep or painful, because that’s the deal with her love.

Then, with the closing refrains of “I put that on my love”, she’s stamping her sentiments with a seal of authenticity – what she feels is real, potent, and worth betting everything. This isn’t a bluff; it’s a full hand played with undeniable confidence.

So, in conclusion, “On My Love” is pop music’s translation of a heart on its sleeves, a passionate proclamation of true love that’s ready to rock, roll, and endure whatever comes its way. Zara’s avowal of love isn’t of the subdued, whispering variety. Instead, it’s an all-consuming inferno that doesn’t just burn; it thrives on its own flame.

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