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Meaning of ‘obsessed’ by ‘Olivia Rodrigo’

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Released: 2024

“Obsessed” by Olivia Rodrigo is a raw, deeply personal pop ballad that delves into the narrator’s insecurities and obsession over her partner’s ex-girlfriend. Rodrigo explores the jealousy and insecurity that can arise from comparing oneself to a partner’s ex, displaying a raw and relatable vulnerability that is a core feature of her lyrical style.

In the opening verse, Rodrigo sets the stage with an admission of her obsession, confessing to thinking about her partner’s ex so much that others might think she’s in love. She admits to scrutinizing the ex’s pictures and even delving into her personal life like star signs and blood type, establishing the depth of her fascination. The “‘Cause I know her star sign, I know her blood type” line isn’t just a hyperbolic exaggeration, but a representation of the extent to which Rodrigo’s feelings of inadequacy have consumed her thoughts.

The chorus hints at underlying insecurity, with Rodrigo expressing how she can feel the presence of her partner’s ex in their shared space, illustrated through the lines “I know she’s been asleep on my side of your bed.” She manages to encapsulate the tense atmosphere of jealousy, laying bare feelings of hurt and anxiety.

In the subsequent verse, Rodrigo explores the dichotomy of admiration and resentment towards the “ex”. She acknowledges her admirable qualities, spotlighting her beauty, talent, and sociability, driving home the sense of inferiority she feels. The phrase “She even speaks kindly about me” reflects a perceived grace and magnanimity in the ex that only heightens Rodrigo’s feelings of inadequacy.

The second chorus re-emphasizes her obsession and the continuing sense of unease. The hook “Is she friends with your friends? Is she good in bed? Do you think about her?” underscores the all-consuming dimensions of Rodrigo’s anxiety, probing into every aspect of her partner’s relationship with his ex.

“Obsessed” captures an all-too-relatable aspect of modern relationships – the haunting specter of an ex-partner. Olivia Rodrigo navigates this emotional landscape with unflinching honesty, skillfully illustrating how destructive comparing oneself to another can be, and how obsessions can warp perceptions and relationships.

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