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Released: 2011

Features: Jaden

Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never,” featuring Jaden, is a powerful track about self-belief, determination, and resilience against all odds. The lyrics are filled with distinct self-empowerment phrases and pop culture references, evidencing the young kings’ contempt of succumbing to adversity.

Opening with a chant-like refrain of “Never Say Never” and “Pick it up,” the song immediately establishes an atmosphere of absolute tenacity, signaling an anthem-like track – one provoking an unwillingness to accept defeat.

Bieber’s verses depict personal struggles, such as overcoming fear (“I never thought that I could walk through fire”) and pushing past doubts (“I never had the strength to take it higher”). These phrases reflect Bieber’s breakthrough journey, emphasizing that he’s experienced the lows. In his lyrics, reaching the “point of no return” becomes a turning point, as he decides to fight for his dreams (“It’s my destiny”).

The chorus becomes a statement of purpose: “I will never say never,” “I will fight ’til forever” signify a strong commitment to prevail, no matter the circumstances. The repetition of “pick it up” symbolizes Bieber’s resilience, indicating that he’ll continue to rise, undeterred by failures or setbacks.

Jaden brings forth a flavor of hip-hop slang and cultural references. He validates Bieber’s struggle story by drawing parallels with his own experiences. There’s a powerful pop culture moment when he references the revered “Force” from Star Wars (“Like Luke with the force”) and compares his strategic prowess to NBA superstar Kobe Bryant in the 4th quarter (“like Kobe in the 4th”). Jaden even gives a shout-out to his famous dad, Will Smith (“was raised by the power of Will”), implying his inherited resolve.

The duo’s shared chorus towards the end of the song further emphasizes resilience. The repeated pronouncement of “Never Say Never” is almost a binding vow they make to themselves and their fans – a promise to persist no matter the circumstance, reflecting their positive mindset – a testament to their relentless spirit.

Ultimately, “Never Say Never” is a paean to resilience and a powerful testament to the artists’ resolve behind their success. It’s an empowering mantra encased in a catchy pop song, appealing to the hearts of dreamers and fighters alike. Truly, a pop culture gem.

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