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Meaning of ‘Natural’ by ‘Imagine Dragons’

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Released: 2018

“Natural” by Imagine Dragons is an anthem for those who face life’s challenges head-on. It’s about embracing the hardships and staying strong, no matter what comes your way. This song tells us that to survive and thrive, sometimes you have to be as unforgiving and resilient as nature itself.

The opening lines, “Will you hold the line when every one of them has given up and given in? Tell me,” question the listener’s perseverance. Imagine Dragons is asking if you’ll stay true and resilient when everyone else folds under pressure. The song quickly sets the tone that life is a battle, where only the strong survive, and consequences are inevitable. The phrase “house of mine stands strong” symbolizes personal strength and foundation, emphasizing the importance of inner fortitude.

The chorus, “‘Cause you’re a natural, a beating heart of stone, you gotta be so cold to make it in this world,” dives deeper into the theme. It suggests that to succeed, you might need to harden yourself. Being a “natural” means you’re intrinsically predisposed to withstand life’s battles, like having a heart of stone. This isn’t necessarily about being emotionless but about having the strength to face adversity without breaking.

The song also touches on the youth’s struggles in the lyrics, “Oh, we are the youth, cut until it bleeds inside a world without the peace, face it.” It acknowledges the pain and challenges faced by younger generations, often forced to confront harsh realities. The imagery of the world being a place that cuts so deep it causes internal bleeding is powerful, illustrating the depth of emotional and physical struggles faced.

In the bridge, “Deep inside me, I’m fading to black, I’m fading,” the band shares a moment of vulnerability, hinting at the personal toll of constantly fighting to “make it.” Even amidst this admission of feeling worn down, there’s a vow of perseverance with, “I’m gonna make it.” It’s a rallying cry, a promise to continue fighting despite the odds, which aligns with the song’s overarching message of surviving through sheer resilience and strength.

In summary, “Natural” isn’t just a song; it’s a battle cry for those who find themselves constantly battling life’s storms. It advocates for toughness, resilience, and the will to keep pushing forward, no matter how difficult the journey. Imagine Dragons captures the essence of survival in a cutthroat world, reminding listeners that sometimes, being a natural means accepting the challenge to overcome and thrive against all odds.

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