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Meaning of ‘NANi’ by ‘Saweetie’

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Released: 2024

In “NANi,” Saweetie lays out her confidence and self-belief, declaring her success and her unabated rise. The overarching theme here is her unstoppable nature – a powerhouse with a head held high. The unique phrase “Nani” simply adds to Saweetie’s spunky style and is an ethnic slang term for ‘woman’ or ‘gal’, spotlighting her femininity with sass.

“Ooh, got that nani, nani, nani (nani) How she walk through swingin’ that body Yellin’, “Who gon’ stop me?” (Stop me) You ain’t got the time to clock me (clock-clock)”

From the jump, Saweetie is throwing down the gauntlet. She’s confidently flaunting her presence, with the chorus saying, no one can even think to keep up with her lightning-fast pace. The bravado is clear – she’s ticking all boxes, and no one can “clock” her.

“My bestie ain’t an actor, but we always make a movie (that’s right) Like plane, Sprinter, glam to the club Back door, section, shots, another club Two shows, one night, what’s that? A hundred-plus Whole room full of bad bitches, it’s a lot of us”

These lines serve up the glam central to pop culture – jet-setting, club-hopping, champagne-popping, and the star life. She’s basically saying: she’s living a movie, running the game with her tight-knit crew. The mention of doing two shows and filling up rooms highlights her popularity and influence.

“Nani, nani good, nani sweet Mention me, you get them retweets I got that body, know I, know I got that body (body) Watch it tick-tick, you obsessin’ all about me (I know that’s right, uh)”

Again, Saweetie’s laying it out there – she knows she’s got it, and she’s not shy to admit it. She’s fully aware of her allure and her impact on her audience, it’s almost like she’s feeding off the energy and adoration. The line, Mention me, you get them retweets, subtly refers to her social media influence.

In the grand scheme of things, “NANi” serves as a fierce pop anthem that showcases Saweetie’s unstoppable rise and relentless hustle, all while being unapologetically herself. It’s a catchy call to confidence, and it’s here to stay.

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