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Released: 2010

Features: Christina Aguilera

“Moves Like Jagger”, a pop-rock track by Maroon 5, featuring Christina Aguilera, is a fun and captivating number that exudes a carefree yet seductive vibe, laced with the confident spirit of self-expression and the promise of a unforgettably good time. The song is cheekily built around Mick Jagger’s iconic dance moves as the metaphor for irresistible allure and a ‘devil-may-care’ attitude.

The song begins with the phrase “just shoot for the stars if it feels right,” conveying a liberating advice to chase one’s desires and aspirations unapologetically. The following lines, “Then aim for my heart, if you feel like / And take me away / And make it okay”, signals mutual desire and trust, a tease shrouded in flirtation and flair.

A chorus that celebrates self-assuredness, “Take me by the tongue, and I’ll know you / Kiss me till you’re drunk, and I’ll show you. All the moves like Jagger,” sets the confident and unbothered tone of the song. It gives a nod to the iconic swagger of the Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger, suggesting the freedom of living on one’s own terms and owning one’s sensuality.

Aguilera’s raw and powerful verse, “You wanna know how to make me smile / Take control, own me just for the night,” introduces a tinge of vulnerability and desire. Still, it maintains the song’s general theme of self-possession and playful dominance, turning the tables and giving the woman the power to dictate her wants and terms.

In essence, “Moves Like Jagger” is a celebration of unabashed authenticity, unabated desires, and the intoxicating buzz of playful peacocking. It’s a pop-rock harmony of ‘go for it’ spirit and ‘own it’ attitude. Amidst the upbeat rhythm and catchy tunes, it’s also an ode to one of the greatest rock gods Mick Jagger, and his distinctive, unapologetic stride in the world of music and beyond.

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