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Meaning of ‘Maybe’ by ‘BUNT.’ feat. GRAHAM

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Released: 2024

Features: GRAHAM

Strap on your seatbelts, peeps, ’cause we’re about to swoop deep into “Maybe” by BUNT., featuring GRAHAM. This track is a candid exploration of the pain and complexity of bidding goodbye while hanging onto hope. It’s a track that blurs the lines between heartache and love, melancholy and acceptance.

Diving into the lyrics, “There’s an angel in your room tonight, as you rest; And it saw you cross that finish line, that final breath” – these lines virtually slap you in the face with their meaning. Here, GRAHAM is alluding to the possible passing of a loved one. The ‘finish line’ and ‘final breath’ makes one infer a reference to death, while the ‘angel’ and the ‘room’ set the scene for a solemn, intimate farewell.

“And I’m wishin’ you my best goodbyes, but you need them less; So, maybe if you find a time, you could wish me the best” – now here’s where the title “Maybe” comes into play. GRAHAM expresses his longing for reciprocation of his farewell, revealing his inner turmoil and vulnerability. It’s a stark contrast to the usual pop fare, showcasing a more visceral, raw side of the genre.

Next, we traverse through the repeated “Go!”. This refrain is not merely an insistent plea. It’s both the dismissal and reluctant acceptance of the parting, perhaps suggesting that the person needs to move on to ‘somewhere safe’, a metaphoric nod to the afterlife, or merely a better place beyond their current existence.

“Yeah, I’ll wait until the day I see you; My heart’s open, I still bleed through; You don’t know how much I need you, ooh” – now, this is the gut punch. Here, BUNT. employs the trope of separation and longing found in many pop ballads, but with a twist, spinning it into a narrative about needing someone beyond their physical presence. It’s a testament to longing that transcends the physical plane.

Finally, the repetition of the opening verses and chorus emphasizes the cyclical nature of grief, the rollercoaster ride of longing and acceptance. The song comes full circle, as does the emotional journey of the listener – encapsulating the sense of an unresolved goodbye, a lingering “Maybe”.

“Maybe” by BUNT., featuring GRAHAM, is far from your standard pop bop. It’s a musical exploration into the realm of longing, goodbyes, and perhaps even the afterlife. It’s not every day we get pop tracks bold enough to touch such profound emotions. This ditty, my friends, is an audacious feather in pop’s multifaceted cap.

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