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Meaning of ‘Love Lies’ by ‘Khalid’ feat. Normani

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Released: 2018

Features: Normani

The song “Love Lies (with Normani)” by Khalid and Normani is a pop anthem that beautifully juxtaposes vulnerability and defiance. The two artists weave a narrative about a relationship filled with complexity and longing, characterized by an unresolved tension between desire and hesitation.

The initial verses see Khalid oscillating between a craving for commitment and a fear of opening up. The line “I need a lover to trust, tell me you’re on my side” signifies the need for reassurance, a fundamental requirement in any relationship. When he proclaims, “It’s hard for me to open up, I’ll admit it,” we see Khalid grappling with the fear of vulnerability – a recurring theme in pop music.

Normani’s verse “I’ve been so into your mystery… Can’t say I don’t want it ’cause I know I do” displays a kind of infatuation that’s intrinsically tied to the allure of the unknown. “Our history” can be seen as a nod to previous relationships that might have left an indelible mark, making new connections simultaneously daunting and enticing.

The chorus “So, baby, tell me where your love lies” represents a plea for transparency. They’re inviting each other, and maybe themselves, to reveal the true depth of their feelings. The lines “Waste the day and spend the night, Underneath the sunrise” create a vivid image of a couple lost in their world, exploring the terrains of their love.

As the lyrics reach their climax, the line “If you’re down, don’t hide it” captures their longing for candidness. The use of the term “overnight it” as a metaphor can indicate quickening the pace of their relationship or spending the night together, potentially reflecting desire for instant gratification or deeper intimacy. It’s left open to interpretation,

To sum it up, “Love Lies” through its dynamic lyrical storytelling, encapsulates the journey from hesitation to acceptance, from fear to surrender, tackling the complexities of love in a relatable, pop-friendly package. The song perfectly encapsulates the push and pull of modern relationships, where one moment, you’re seeking validation, and the next, you’re consumed by desire.

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