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Meaning of ‘Live or Die’ by ‘Noah Cyrus’ feat. Lil Xan

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Released: 2018

Features: Lil Xan

“Live or Die” by Noah Cyrus and Lil Xan is a passionate anthem of youthful rebellion and intense devotion amidst the trials of fame. The song explores the duo’s fearless approach to life and love, while navigating the tumultuous ride of their public lifestyles.

The song echoes the sentiment of young love infused with defiance and desperation. The lines “On our way to the sky / We’re gonna look down on tonight / When we die, you and I / Two heartbreak soldiers” sets the stage beautifully for what’s to follow. It talks about a rise to fame (“on our way to the sky”) and the consequent scrutiny (“look down on tonight”). The term “heartbreak soldiers” reflects the arduous battle they face in their relationship, under the public eye.

When Cyrus sings “When you lay by my side / I see the whole world through your eyes / Ride or die, you and I” it embodies a sense of shared experience and mutual support, signifying their pledge to stick together no matter what (“Ride or die”). The chorus “Live or die, yeah / Live or die / Got you and I / Got you tonight” screams of a live-fast-die-young ethos, reinforcing their commitment and willingness to face any circumstance together.

Lil Xan’s verse, particularly the lines “Came from a broken home, parents never saw it / Now I’m livin’ all alone, taking care of us all”, depicts the narrative of a self-made individual who is grappling with the trials of fame and its associated struggles, evident in the line “Flashes in my face, I guess that’s what you get with all this fame”. The verse concludes on a note of gratitude and dependency, affirming Cyrus as his emotional anchor in chaotic times – “If I’m religious, you’re the one that I believe in / You’ve been here with me to help me fight all my demons”.

The line “To live or die, what’s the price on a life?” is a stark introspection on the cost of living in the public eye. Lil Xan goes on to pay tribute to those lost in the pursuit of stardom – “Rest in peace to everyone that we lost in life”, acknowledging the harsh realities of their chosen paths.

In a nutshell, “Live or Die” takes listeners on a tumultuous ride through a young celebrity relationship filled with passionate love, unwavering dedication, and undeniable trials. A raw portrayal of youth, fame, and the struggle to maintain one’s sanity amidst it all.

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