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Meaning of ‘Like Crazy’ by ‘Jimin’

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Released: 2023

“Like Crazy” by the K-pop artist Jimin is a ride full of emotional turbulence. It talks about chasing the highs of a relationship fizzling out, yearning for the thrill of a fleeting love, and grappling with the fear of waking up to reality.

The opening lines, (I think we could last forever) and (I’m afraid that everything will disappear), establishes the paradoxical nature of Jimin’s emotions. She’s toying with lasting love, yet dreads the thought of it all dissipating. The lyrics “She’s saying, “Baby, 생각하지 마” (don’t think about it, baby) and “Baby, 떠나도 좋아” (it’s okay even if you leave) further push the idea of a reckless, in-the-moment love.

As the lyrics roll on, Jimin uses references like “Watch me go, 날 적셔 밤새도록, away” literally meaning ‘Drench me all night and watch me go’, implying a surrender to the passion and intensity of the moment, while also foreshadowing a possible separation.

Chorus lines like “I’d rather be lost in the lights, lost in the lights” and “Oh, it’s gon’ be a good night” paint a picture of Jimin willingly losing herself in the blinding lights of a single night of passion. She’s not thinking about consequences; she’s just living for the thrill of the moment.

Then the lyrics shift to a more reflective tone “This will break me, this is gonna break me (break me)”, signalling the self-realization that despite the thrill, this could potentially lead to emotional devastation. But Jimin asserts, “Don’t save me, don’t you try to save me (save me)”. She doesn’t want to be pulled from the intoxicating dream; she’d rather dwell in the euphoria, however fleeting it may be.

To conclude, “Like Crazy” is a whirlwind of emotions, a bittersweet cocktail of ephemeral passion and impending heartbreak. It’s a testament to the highs and lows that come with loving ‘like crazy’. It’s a song about surrendering to an intense but fleeting love, knowing the consequences yet choosing to live in the thick of the moment.

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