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Meaning of ‘Know Your Worth’ by ‘Khalid’ feat. Disclosure

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Released: 2020

Features: Disclosure

The lyrics of Khalid’s “Know Your Worth” featuring Disclosure carry a distinct message of self-respect and empowerment, urging the listener to acknowledge their intrinsic value and not to settle for toxic relationships. It’s a pop anthem with a clear-cut mantra: You deserve the best, know your worth, and don’t let anyone treat you as less.

The track starts with a rather somber tone – “He keeps leaving you for dead / I don’t know what you been waiting for.” These lines imply a story of someone stuck in a vicious cycle of broken relationships, waiting in vain for change. However, Khalid implores the person to let go, as there’s something better waiting at their door – a rousing way of stating that better opportunities await once we free ourselves from detrimental situations.

The chorus embodies the wisdom Khalid aims to transfer to his listener. “You don’t know your worth / All the things I know that you deserve” – these lines suggest an external viewpoint of a friend or a mentor, providing perspective. The lyrics “Find someone who loves you at your worst” goes deep into human relationships. It’s a plea to find someone who accepts and loves you with all your foibles and flaws, not just when you’re at your best.

The term “gotta keep your head up” usually means to remain positive and strong, despite the setbacks and struggles. It’s a repeated mantra in the song, providing an encouraging anthem for anyone going through rough times. It paves the way to resilience and self-assuredness, two vital ingredients in the quest to know one’s worth.

“Picking you up when you’re feelin’ down / You get strung on thoughts left in your head / When you lose hope, soon you will be found”- This verse seems to be the raw, unvarnished truth about mental battles people face. It encourages us not to get lost in negative thoughts, reminding us that hope and help are right around the corner.

Taking it all in, “Know Your Worth” is a power-filled anthem — a lyrical reinforcement of the message, ‘You are worthy, and you deserve the best’. It’s a refreshing dive into pop’s potential to boost mental health dialogues wrapped in a catchy, dance-driven tune. More than just a hit pop jam, it’s an empathetic manifesto for any soul who has been downplayed in relationships and life.

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