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Meaning of ‘Knives and Pens’ by ‘Black Veil Brides’

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Released: 2010

“Knives and Pens” by Black Veil Brides is a gut-punch of a pop song. In a nutshell, it’s about the struggle of standing against adversity and the pain of feeling lost without someone’s love. It explores how one can turn their plight into their armor, using ‘knives and pens’ as metaphors for resistance and expression.

When lead singer Andy Biersack croons “Alone at last, we can sit and fight / And I’ve lost all faith in this blurring light“, he is talking about feeling lost and desperate. The idea of a “blurring light” suggests a dying hope, and the struggle seems futile. Yet, they persist, indicated by “we can change our plight / Storming through this despite what’s right”. Here, we see a classic pop rebellion theme. They’re determined to stand against the storm, even if it’s not deemed the “right” thing to do.

The repeated chorus “With knives and pens, we made our plight / Whoa-oh-oh / And I can’t go on without your love”, brings the song’s central metaphor into focus. The “knives” signify conflict and defense, while “pens” represent creativity and emotional expression. The urgency in “I can’t go on without your love” shows a paradox of strength and vulnerability, a common theme in pop music showcasing an artist’s emotional complexity.

The line “Lay your heart down, the end’s in sight / Conscience begs for you to do what’s right”, hits on the push-pull of personal conviction against societal expectations. It’s a lyrical tug-of-war that many pop lyrics handle to show the inner conflict of making tough decisions.

In conclusion, “Knives and Pens” uses vivid imagery and raw emotion to convey a powerful story of fighting through adversity and the desperate need for comfort. It’s a pop anthem that encourages listeners to face their battles, staying true to themselves, and keep pushing on even when the light at the end of the tunnel seems to blur.

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