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Meaning of ‘In My Bones’ by ‘Lost Frequencies’ feat. David Kushner

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Released: 2024

Features: David Kushner

“In My Bones” by Lost Frequencies, featuring David Kushner, is a song that delves into an intense emotional connection between two individuals. The song’s lyrics point towards an understanding of someone on a deeply intimate level, coupled with an almost desperate need for their affection.

In the opening and repeating chorus, the line “Baby, I feel it. I feel it in my bones”, establishes the intensity of the emotions the singer is experiencing. When Kushner implies that his feelings are bone-deep, it signifies emotional depths that go beyond surface-level attraction. His feelings are so potent that they’ve seeped into the very marrow of his being.

“Something in the darkness that you hide. There’s something that you don’t wanna show. You’re reaching for a light that you can’t find.” This reveals the singer’s understanding of his lover’s inner turmoil. The ‘darkness’ and ‘light’ metaphor symbolizes their internal struggles and the ‘light’ they are unable to find is their peace or resolution. The singer positions himself as an anchor in these turbulent times, willing and ready to provide comfort and support- hence why he’s ‘knocking at your door’.

When he says: “If my eyes were closed, I could follow where you go. Give me highs and lows. Love me every way you know.” The singer is communicating his ability to understand his partner even with his eyes closed – an allegory for a deeper, intuitive understanding. The mention of ‘highs and lows’ speaks to the familiarity and acceptance of their ups and downs, and embodies unconditional love and acceptance.

The phrase “Chasing all the shadows on your skin. Watching as they dance in the light. Tell me all your secrets worth keeping. I’ll hold ’em ’til the day that I die” combines metaphor and literal meaning to communicate the singer’s fascination and devotion. Chasing ‘shadows on skin’ could refer to a physical attraction, paying attention to every detail of their partner’s body. Yet, it also carries a deeper connotation of accepting and embracing their partner’s flaws – with ‘shadows’ being symbolic of imperfections.

In summary, Lost Frequencies’ “In My Bones” paints an intimate picture of a profound emotional connection. It’s a testament to love’s ability to overcome personal darkness, and illuminates the power of acceptance in a relationship. The song’s lyrics brilliantly balance raw emotion and poetic metaphor to create a compelling narrative of deep, unconditional love.

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