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“Hype Boy” by NewJeans is a pulsating pop anthem teeming with an intoxicating blend of obsession, desire and yearning. Lyrically, it explores the heady sensation of falling deep into attraction, navigating vulnerabilities and the excitingly unpredictable journey of wanting someone to be ‘the one’.

Starting with the lines, “One, two, three, four/Baby (baby)/Got me looking so crazy (crazy)/빠져버리는 daydream (daydream)”, NewJeans wastes no time diving into the depths of desire. ‘빠져버리는’ is Korean for falling into, painting a vivid picture of how entranced the singer is, lost in a tantalizing daydream. The hook, “Got me feeling you, 너도 말해줄래?” which in English translates to ‘Will you tell me too?’ shows the singer’s longing for mutual feelings, craving for reciprocation amidst the uncertainty.

The chorus, packed with emotionally charged lines like, “I just want you to call my phone right now/I just wanna hear ‘you’re mine'”, is an honest appeal for affirmation. It’s about that desperate need to hear the confirmation of a lover’s feelings in their own words. The pivotal phrase, “You’re my chemical hype boy,” symbolizes obsessive attraction, with ‘chemical’ referencing that intoxicating, almost addictive, thrill of falling for someone.

NewJeans 1st EP 'New Jeans'

In the second verse, the line “잠에 들려고, 잠에 들려 해도/니 생각에 또 새벽 세시, uh-oh” translates to ‘Despite trying to fall asleep, I am awake at 3am thinking of you.’ It’s an exquisite display of the sleepless nights that often accompany unrequited or budding love, further accentuating the restless yearning.

Overall, “Hype Boy” is a pop rollercoaster, teeming with the exhilarating highs and the gut-wrenching lows of desiring someone to be more than just a fleeting daydream. Through a clever blend of English and Korean lyrics, NewJeans manages to capture the relatable human experience of longing and vulnerability. It’s a pop gem that positions them not just as another K-pop act, but as an artist capable of articulating universally felt emotions.

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