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Meaning of ‘Honey Boy’ by ‘Purple Disco Machine’ feat. Benjamin Ingrosso, Nile Rodgers, Shenseea

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Released: 2024Features: Benjamin Ingrosso, Nile Rodgers, Shenseea“Honey Boy” is a vibrant pop track with a narrative that revolves around a young man experiencing a powerful awakening of self-confidence and sexual awareness through an encounter with an older, more experienced woman.

The song begins with the repeated phrase ‘My-my, oh, my-my’, serving to amp up anticipation and hint at the protagonist’s sense of nervous curiosity. The lyrics ‘Won’t you come and play me all night, night?’ suggests a desire for intimate connection and exploration. The term ‘play’ here isn’t meant in its literal sense; instead, it represents an intimate encounter, prompting a refreshed sense of self-discovery.

In the first verse, we learn about the protagonist’s past insecurities – ‘I was young, I never danced, would never dare’ and ‘I never said a single word to any girl’. These lines create an image of a timid, self-doubting individual. The phrase ‘I was afraid that I would mess it up’ illustrates an introspective take on the fear of rejection or failure that held him back.

Everything changes when he meets this transformative woman. The verse ‘Honey boy, you’re too young but let me give you a night you won’t forget’ signifies the start of his journey towards self-discovery. Terms such as ‘honey boy’ often used endearingly or to denote someone younger and less experienced, tip us to the age and experience dynamic in their relationship.

Furthering our understanding of the protagonist’s metamorphosis, the line ‘Everyone around us watching as she takes my hand’, emphasizes a public display of their connection, and his newfound sense of confidence.

The phrase ‘Ben, just wait, you know it ain’t, it ain’t your time tonight’ provides an interesting contrast between societal expectations and personal desire, denoting his friends’ dubiousness about his approaching this woman and his eagerness to ignore the status quo.

Finally, the line ‘All your friends will never know the things that you will learn’ implies a profound transformation awaiting him, and the secrets of adulthood that his peers are yet to understand.

In essence, “Honey Boy (feat. Nile Rodgers & Shenseea)” captures a voyage from timid naivety to ripe self-assuredness, brought to life by Purple Disco Machine’s infectious beats and a packed roster of talented features. Go on and soak in this pop anthem of self-evolution!

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