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Meaning of ‘HiiiJack’ by ‘SZA’

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Released: 2014

“HiiiJack” by SZA is a powerful ballad of obsession and sacrifice, with lyrics that dive into a narrative of selfless love, focusing on the lengths someone’s willing to go to keep their significant other entwined in their lives, even if it means losing part of themselves. The song encapsulates the raw and complicated emotions typically associated with a troubled relationship, resulting in remarkably relatable content.

The opening lines “Go forth, spread the news/I’m a little late/Go on, cut the rope/I know you hate it” set the tone of the song — there’s a sense of acknowledgement that the relationship is in a precarious position. There’s an undercurrent of desperation and sacrifice, embodied by the line “Two knives no fork/Wonder who’d make it?”.

Moving on, SZA reveals her sense of sacrifice with “I lose for you, I choose for you”. Her willingness to compromise her own interests for her partner manifests aptly here. The repetition of “Gun fighting/Fatality, boy/Hell fire, boy/I stay for eternity” speaks to the conflict and hardship she has to endure, but she’s committed to staying — something she repeats multiple times, emphasizing her resolve.

The verse “Sometimes I keep you in my mind/Sometimes I let you go up high/I’m using everything I find/Do anything to keep you tied up” underlines her enduring obsession, where she’s consumed by thoughts of her partner and is doing everything she can to keep them tied up, or committed, to her.

The phrase “Move moons for you, I choose to do it” is an allusion to moving heaven and earth for someone, a colloquial expression that signifies monumental effort or sacrifices for a loved one. It’s a powerful sentiment, indicative of the depth of her feelings.

Overall, “HiiiJack” is a dynamic portrait of an intense, passionate romance, typified by obsession and monomania. It’s a testament to SZA’s ability to delve into and express the complexities of human relationships within the pop music realm.

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