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Meaning of ‘Enemy’ by ‘Imagine Dragons’ feat. JID, Arcane, League of Legends

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Released: 2022

Features: JID, Arcane, League of Legends

“Enemy” is a raw performance by Imagine Dragons, featuring JID, Arcane, and League of Legends. This pop anthem from the series Arcane navigates the daunting feeling of navigating through life amidst enemies, highlighting the roller coaster ride of fame and the constant scrutiny one is subject to. In essence, the song explores isolation, deception, and turbulent encounters.

The song opens with the line “Look out for yourself”, directly addressing the importance of self-preservation. Imagine Dragons then delves into exploring the aspects of fame, showing that people may celebrate you when you’re on top, but they won’t hesitate to jump ship at the first sign of trouble. The lines “Tell you, you’re the greatest. But once you turn, they hate us” emphasize this awkward duality of public affection – it’s fickle, unpredictable, and often confusing.

The chorus “Everybody wants to be my enemy“, conveys the feeling of constant skepticism. There’s this unease stemming from living under a microscope, where each move ignites whispers and results in being a target of public ridicule.

JID’s verse amplifies the song’s narrative by showcasing how he copes with these agitations. “Ready to go whenever, just let me know” illustrates the alert, always-ready state artists need to maintain. He declares, “Everyone’s my enemy. They wanna plot on my trot to the top.” This portrays an ongoing battle against the criticism and public scrutiny that comes with success.

The repetition of the phrase “Everybody wants to be my enemy” throughout the song is a stark reminder of the constant pressure and intense scrutiny faced by those in the limelight. The song concludes with a resolute stand, “Pray it away, I swear, I’ll never be a saint,” showing that the artists accept their flawed selves and won’t bend to be society’s picture of perfection.

Basically, “Enemy” paints a picture of the taxing journey of maintaining public persona. It encapsulates the struggles of modern fame, the betrayal, and the ceaseless criticism yoked with it. It’s a bold proclamation that serves as a mirror to society, reflecting the price and paradox of fame.

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