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Released: 2023

Features: Manuel Turizo

“Copa Vacía” or “Empty Cup”, a seductive ballad by global pop sensation Shakira and Latin heartthrob Manuel Turizo, serves as a compelling cry for emotional connection and intimacy. Against a sultry backdrop of Latin rhythms, their lyrics paint the picture of a relationship on the brink, teetering between desire and disconnection. The artists use powerful metaphors to address issues of emotional distance and unfulfilled desires, resulting in a poignant lament about love and longing.

“‘¿Lo ves?, así / A este ritmo no puedo seguir / Ya no sé qué más hacer / Para obtener más de ti'”, Shakira begins, characterizing a deep yearning and frustration about the state of their relationship. She’s hungry for more emotional engagement, painting her partner as being as cold as the month of January—a stinging simile flexing her lyrical prowess. “‘Pido calor y no das más que hielo, oh-oh'”, Shakira lays her needs on the line, asking for warmth where she only receives icy indifference. The central metaphor, an “empty cup”, is both the title and heart of this song, embodying the unsatisfied desires, unmet needs, and resulting emotional thirst.

Shakira continues to voice her struggle for attention in lines like “‘Siempre estás ocupado con tanto negocio / Te haría bien, mi amor, un poquito de ocio'”. With a wry call-out to her love interest’s constant preoccupation with work or “negocio”, Shakira simultaneously flags the root cause of their emotional disconnect and offers a remedy—a bit of leisure or “ocio”. She’s not demanding dreamy poetry whispered in her ear, just straightforward connection, underlining the lyric “‘No hay que ser poeta pa endulzarme el oído'”. Shakira stakes her claim, reminding her lover that despite his appeal, she’s equally alluring—a demonstration of self-worth that’s refreshing and empowering.

Turizo enters the song, adding his narrative to the mix, expressing a palpable sense of loss and longing. His verse “‘Como si no sintiera nada / Ahora me miras tan diferente / Y yo nadando en contra ‘e la corriente'” knits the same themes of emotional disconnect and unfulfilled desire, furthering the storyline. The metaphor of swimming against the current infuses a sense of struggle and exhaustion, exacerbating the emotional intensity of the song.

The song’s chorus and recurring phrase “‘Hace rato tengo sed / De ti, yo no sé por qué / Quedo con ganas de más / Queriendo beber'”, cement the central theme of unrequited emotional craving—a thirst that isn’t satiated, a desire that remains unfulfilled. The artists’ raw yearning for intimacy rings loud and clear, encapsulated in the poignant metaphor of reaching for a drink from an “empty cup”.

“Copa Vacía” wrings emotional depth from its eloquent, metaphor-rich lyrics — an exhilarating narrative of love, longing, and the toll of emotional disconnect. Shakira and Turizo’s evocative delivery underscores this narrative, blending seamlessly with the Latin rhythm and melody to deliver a pop tour-de-force that lingers, much like the unanswered questions of their troubled love story.

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