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Meaning of ‘Confident’ by ‘Justin Bieber’ feat. Chance the Rapper

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Released: 2014

Features: Chance the Rapper

“Confident” by Justin Bieber, featuring Chance the Rapper, unfolds as a pop anthem to magnetic attraction, the unwavering pull two people can feel towards each other, bending to the raw power of confidence. Bieber extols the enigma of a woman who, with unshakable assurance in herself and her physicality, completely captivates him, leaving him swirling in a vortex of longing.

The song kicks off with a repetitive invocation of “Don’t do it to me,” suggestive of an irresistible force pulling Bieber in, but him pleading not to be swayed. Unlike the usual pop refrain, this chant evokes a sense of danger and anticipation, setting the stage for the unique narrative to unfold.

Following this intense opening, Bieber unpacks the attributes of this hypnotizing woman, painting her as more than just another pretty face. We’re given the sketch of a cosmopolitan, exotic woman, perhaps even out of his league, and Bieber’s both enchanted and perplexed. Phrases like “I think she foreign, got passports,” demonstrate the woman’s global identity and independent lifestyle that further pique his interest.

The chorus is a testament to the allure of her confidence. “She’s confident/Oh no no, oh no no/And I’m down with it” – here, Bieber finds himself helpless under her spell, and he’s completely okay with that. The phrase “down with it”, a popular colloquialism, signifies his acceptance and reciprocation of her allure.

Moving on, Bieber expresses his addiction to her, saying, “Feels so good damn, and I don’t know why/I’m addicted, something like an addict”. The addiction metaphor underscores his intense desire, as well as the confusion and uncertainty that often accompany profound attraction.

When Chance the Rapper steps in, the very texture of the song shifts – much like the unexpected encounter between two individuals. His verse is an urban tale, filled with unmistakable references to contemporary youth culture such as twerking and tattoos. He also cleverly subverts our expectations, asserting that the protagonist isn’t drawn to her just because of her physical attributes. It’s her intelligence, her passion – she’s not just another ‘thot’ (that hottie over there) as popular slang would have it.

In conclusion, “Confident” is as much a celebration of a woman’s unyielding confidence as it is about the raw, magnetic pull of attraction. Both Justin Bieber and Chance the Rapper paint a vivid picture of a woman completely secure in herself, captivating enough to leave even pop icons caught in the rapture of her confidence.

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