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Meaning of ‘Come Around Me’ by ‘Justin Bieber’

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Released: 2020

In the heady world of pop, Justin Bieber’s track “Come Around Me” from the album ‘Changes’ stands as a passionate invocation of intimacy and connection. The song’s lyrics paint a picture of a longing for a lover’s touch and the craving of earnest affection, despite continual mutual presence.

In the recurrent phrase “When you come around me/ Treat me like you miss me/ Even though you’ve been with me,” Bieber pleas for his lover to express an urgency and yearning in their affection, a potent reminder of their emotional connection. He’s calling for a fresh spark of romantic intimacy even in the daily grind, clearly emphasizing the importance of keeping the flame of their relationship alive.

The line “Diggin’ the way you feel on my skin” and “Oh no, next thing you know you’re on top of me” are rich in sensuality, underscoring the physical connection that binds them together. It emphasizes the palpable chemistry between them, and how that makes him feel incredibly good.

The line “Let’s not miss out on each other/ Let’s get it in expeditiously” carries a sense of urgency. Here, Bieber seems to be seeking deeper connection quickly, unafraid to rush into the depth of intimacy. It’s as if he wants to fast-track to the heart of the matter, avoiding any potentially missed opportunities for connection.

In the part where he sings “All that I want for you is perfection/ Pull me down aggressively”, Bieber expresses a desire for a flawless, passionate, and vigorous relationship. Clearly, he’s not looking for an average romance – he’s after a love story that’s bold, wild, and perfect.

The verse “Who taught you how to drive stick?/ You a fool with it, love the way you fool with it” stands as a metaphorical admiration. He’s possibly praising how well his lover handles their loving relationship or their physical intimacy, depending on your interpretation.

In the lyrics “When I rise up, baby don’t shy up/ Open your mind, don’t knock it ’til you try it, darlin'”, Bieber encourages his partner to match his level of passion, to be bold, and to refrain from holding back. It’s a call for his partner to let go of any reservations and fully immerse themselves in their love affair—a heated invitation to dive head-first into impassioned intimacy.

In sum, “Come Around Me” stands as a musical testament to Justin Bieber’s craving for a deep, passionate, and ever-fresh relationship with his lover. It’s a plea for continuous romantic dedication—an anthem of intimacy, connection, and the rawness of human affection.

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