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Meaning of ‘Chasing Fire’ by ‘Lauv’

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Released: 2018

“Chasing Fire” by Lauv is a poignant pop ballad about the intense struggle of moving on from a relationship that’s ended. Immersed in heartache and stubborn hope, the lyrics passionately depict a haunting dance with lost love.

The opener sets the emotional stakes high – “I wanna hate you ’cause I still love you / And it’s weighing on my chest.” Lauv is torn between his lingering love and the bitterness of romantic loss. “We keep our bodies tied together / To ignore what’s coming next,” he croons, underlining that their physical proximity is merely a distraction from the inevitable – the end of their relationship.

The chorus, “I’m chasing fire when I’m running after you,” employs a vivid metaphor. ‘Chasing fire’ symbolizes a dangerous, self-destructive pursuit. Lauv knows that rekindling their flame will only end in emotional burns, yet, his desire for her remains unquenchable. “You got that something that I never wanna lose” amplifies the value he places on her, fueling his persistence. He likens their futile attempts at reconnection to “dancing when the song’s already over,” hinting at a misplaced rhythm and timing in their tragic love story.

“I wanna feel you, really feel you / Not just hold you close at night” emphasizes Lauv’s longing for emotional connection, not just physical intimacy. Similarly, “I was driving you home in the middle of the night / But I couldn’t bring myself to say goodbye” symbolizes the struggle to let go, physically driving her away but emotionally unable to sever ties.

“Keep chasing fire / No other way, no other way” reflects a sense of resignation, almost as if Lauv convinces himself that this futile pursuit is his only path, reinforcing the overarching theme of desperate love against better judgment. Even in the repeated lines “Even if I go, even if I stay / I’m chasing fire when I’m running after you,” he presents a no-win scenario – whether he leaves or sticks around, he’s doomed to chase the fire.

On the whole, “Chasing Fire” offers a deeply relatable narrative of trying to move past lost love while evoking sympathy for the singer’s desperate self-destructive pursuit. To put it plainly, it’s a pop masterpiece about allowing the heart to rule the head.

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