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Meaning of ‘Chase It’ by ‘Bebe Rexha’

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Released: 2024

Oh, “Chase It (Mmm Da Da Da)” by Bebe Rexha, let’s dive in! This tune is a spirited anthem of independence, showing how the singer pursues her own path in life and love. It’s a galvanizing cry for embracing individuality without fear of loneliness or the unknown.

When she says “I’ve been on a ride, babe, living on the sideways” and “Living on a wave that I can’t describe”, Bebe expresses her exhilarating and unpredictable journey through life. She’s been on a route that is unconventional, or “sideways”, painting a picture of a path that deviates from societal norms. Not chasing conventional success, but instead, chasing her own unique, undefinable wave.

The line “I do things my way or take the highway” is a pop culture bingo! It’s a straight-up declaration of individualism; she’s sticking to her guns or she’s out. And the whole “But my heart, it never missed a beat” bit? That’s Bebe telling us she doesn’t regret a single moment of her unique journey.

With the chorus “Chase it, I’ll never chase it”, she’s clearly signaling the refusal to pursue something (or someone) that doesn’t align with her values or brings her down. The repetition of the phrase “I won’t leave alone tonight” suggests that she’s okay with being by herself. She’d rather be alone than settle for less.

Rexha shines a spotlight on an idea of vulnerability in “Things get so dramatic, weaving through the traffic Of all the hearts that never break for me”. She’s been through love’s wringer, navigating the complexities of relationships, where others’ hearts haven’t broken for her like hers might have for them.

And those fun, rhythmic “Mm, da-da-da, da-da-da” bits aren’t just filler. They convey an almost carefree mood, like she’s just jamming to her own tune, adding to the overall vibe of independence and liberation.

In essence, Bebe Rexha’s “Chase It” is a powerful testament to individuality and self-assuredness. It’s all about not chasing societal norms and living your own truth. Ride your wave, peeps, because Bebe sure is!

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