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Meaning of ‘Candy Paint’ by ‘Normani’

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Released: 2024

“Candy Paint” by Normani is a defiant and empowering anthem. Normani uses language and references rooted in hip-hop culture to describe her confidence, sexuality, and luxurious lifestyle. With statements like “Big girl shit, baby, I don’t do no runnin’” and “I can make your nigga hit the race if I wanted“, she asserts her independence, savoir-faire, and allure that can lure a man away if she wished.

The phrase “Booty candy painted with the diamond in the back” is a vibrant image of Normani’s appeal and affluence, with a nod to ’70s soul classic “Diamond in the Back”. This phrase also signifies material wealth in hip-hop slang. Meanwhile, “I’m a baddie and I don’t know how to act” is a proud proclamation of her fierce, unapologetic personality that doesn’t follow societal norms. It’s clear from the lyrics that she isn’t worried about taking a man away — “When I’m finished, baby, you can have him back“, displaying a confidence in knowing her own worth.

Normani also includes themes of lavish spending and luxury as a sign of her success, as indicated through the line “I could hit the bank and spend this cake if I wanted“. Cake, in this context, is a popular slang term for money, while hitting the bank refers to withdrawing a large amount of money to flex wealth. Considering lines such as “I took my wrist, AP’d it up, I took my neck and freezed it up“, she’s probably referring to buying an Audemars Piguet watch for her wrist and ice (diamonds) for her neck, showcasing a life of affluence.

Normani ends each chorus with a sort of warning – or maybe it’s an invitation. She teases with “It’s too bad your nigga don’t know how to…“, leaving the sentence unfinished, hinting at a lack of skill, knowledge, or decorum. The finishing touch, “Handle me…Sweet just like candy“, suggests that what seems sweet on the surface, in reality, might need more understanding and care to handle. Thus, the song “Candy Paint” serves as a vibrant portrayal of Normani’s bold persona — a woman in control, unafraid to assert her independence, and reveling in her success and self-confidence.

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