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Meaning of ‘Budapest’ by ‘George Ezra’

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Released: 2014

“Budapest” by George Ezra is a charming confession of love, all about being ready to give up material wealth for a shot at true happiness. It’s a song that says ‘you’re worth more than rubies and gold to me.’

When Ezra sings about his “house in Budapest, my hidden treasure chest,” and his “golden grand piano,” he’s painting a picture of all the riches he’s got. But for the one he’s singing to, he’d “leave it all”. What this means is he’s willing to let go of everything he owns just to be with this person. That’s serious commitment!

He then asks for “one good reason why I should never make a change,” urging the object of his affection to tell him why he shouldn’t abandon everything for love. If they do embrace him, “all of this will go away”, meaning he’s ready to say goodbye to his worldly belongings. Again, he values love over everything.

Later, he talks about how his family and friends “don’t understand” his choice. He knows they’re scared he’ll lose a lot if he follows his heart. Despite their concerns, he’s ready to “lose it all” for his love. What Ezra’s saying here is that often, others may not get why we make certain decisions, especially when it comes to love!

In conclusion, “Budapest” is a heartfelt affirmation of love’s power. It’s about choosing passion over possessions, heart over material wealth. To Ezra, the person he sings to is worth more than a house in Budapest or a golden piano. Now that’s deep!

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