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Meaning of ‘Ayer’ by ‘Enrique Iglesias’

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Released: 2010

“Ayer” by Enrique Iglesias is a heart-wrenching ballad about nostalgia, love lost, and the desperate hope for reconciliation. In the midst of a somber introspection, Enrique is asking his estranged lover if she knows where she’s headed and what awaits her, indicating a separation that’s poignant and impactful.

The line ‘Dime a dónde vas y si sabes tu destino’ translates to ‘tell me where you’re going and if you know your destination’. This phrase is suffused with a deep sense of longing, akin to a plea. Coupled with ‘¿Dónde dejarás tus sueños escondidos?’, which means ‘where will you leave your hidden dreams?’, it evokes a sense of uncertainty and worry Enrique might have for his lost love, seeing her go off on her own path.

Moving onto the chorus, ‘Ayer cabías en mi corazón / Y te escondiste en un rincón / Del otro lado’ translates to ‘Yesterday you fit in my heart / And you hid in a corner / On the other side’. Here, Enrique grapples with the confusing reality of his beloved being so close, yet confined to a corner of his heart. It’s his way of expressing how she still holds a place in his heart, but on a separate side, indicating their emotional distance.

When Enrique sings ‘Yo sé que la vida nos dejó / Saber que nuestro amor / No esta acabado’ which means ‘I know that life let us / Know that our love / Is not over’, it’s a candid confession of his lingering hope. He’s firm in his belief that their love is not over, giving the song a tinge of optimism amongst the despair.

Whenever Enrique repeats the word ‘Hey’, it’s not just a call but an appeal, a yearning to reignite the conversation and heal the rift. His usage of ‘Hey’ underscores the urgency of his emotions and his sincere attempts at reconciliation. In a nutshell, “Ayer” is a touching portrayal of lost love and the undying hope for a second chance.

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