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Meaning of ‘Another Place’ by ‘Bastille’ feat. Alessia Cara

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Released: 2019

Features: Alessia Cara

“Another Place” by Bastille featuring Alessia Cara is a shimmering pop ballad enmeshed in the complexities of unfulfilled desire and longing. It explores the tussle between yearning for something more and the bitter truth of reality, all wrapped up in a non-reciprocated love story.

Starting the song with “I am bound to you / With a tie that we cannot break”, Bastille exposes the depth of the emotional bond that exists between the characters of this song. It’s a bond so fierce that even amidst the uncertainty and despair, they find themselves stuck in this in-between state of love and indifference.

The verse “I could write a book about the things that you said to me on the pillow / And the way you think and how you make me feel”, paints an image of intimate conversations filled with dreams and fantasies. But this romanticized narrative is abruptly shattered with the line: “Just call this what it is, we don’t pretend it’s real.” This is a poignant acknowledgement of the transient and superficial nature of their connection.

The choruses feature the lines “Oh, in another place / In another time / What could we have been?” which underscore the core sentiment of regret and unfulfilled potential. They wonder about a parallel universe where they might have been more than what they are in the present.

The second verse offers a slightly different perspective, as Alessia Cara’s lyrics paint her as the one in the more vulnerable position: “I hate that you know / You can make me feel so small.” It’s a cry of frustration over the emotional power one person has over the other.

Moving towards the bridge, the lyrics take on a sharper tone of introspection and disbelief, “It felt like something special, but it never felt like love.” This leaves us pondering on their dynamic, questioning the authenticity of their feelings and the potential they see in “another life”.

To wrap it up, “Another Place” is a deep dive into the dynamics of a love that could’ve been. The repeated plea, “Don’t make promises to me that you’re gonna break” rings in our ears as both a lament and a demand for honesty, a theme that many who’ve navigated the complicated waters of relationships can surely resonate with.

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