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Meaning of ‘360’ by ‘Charli XCX’

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Released: 2024

Charli XCX’s track “360” is a roaring anthem of self-achievement, taking a bold stance against the music industry’s critics while celebrating her own unique style. The song teems with Charli’s signature moxie, infused with clever references that highlight her strong artistic identity.

The song begins with Charli proudly proclaiming her independence in the music industry, showcasing her self-made status with lines like “I went my own way and I made it”. She’s clear about her creativity influencing others with “I’m your favorite reference, baby”. The phrase “Call me Gabbriette” is a playful nod to Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, emphasizing the idea of being an inspiring and trendsetting icon.

Charli also makes a power move in declaring “I’m tectonic, moves, I make ’em / Shock you like defibrillators”. Here, she compares her influence in the music industry to tectonic movements – earth-shaking and impactful. The defibrillator analogy speaks to her uncanny ability to refresh and energize the pop landscape, challenging the status quo.

Her confident assertion with “I’ll always be the one”, and the repeated mantra of “Dropdown, yeah / Put the camera flash on / So stylish”, underline her unapologetic love for the limelight and swagger. The “360” in the song stands for a complete view or experience, emphasizing her global presence and impact.

She flips the script on vanity with “When you’re in the mirror, do you like what you see? / When you’re in the mirror, you’re just looking at me”. The lyric embodies her dominance in the industry, so much so that others see a reflection of her in their own work.

Lastly, the “666 with a princess streak” lyric is a tongue-in-cheek reference to her being a rebel with a hint of traditional pop charm. The phrase “I’m so Julia” could be an allusion to Julia Fox, an assertive and controversial figure in pop culture, just like Charli.

“360” is a celebration of Charli XCX’s journey, filled with fierce self-expression, unabashed confidence, and a bold rejection of criticism. This lyrical breakdown should help reveal the multiple layers of Charli’s artistry embedded in the song.

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