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Meaning behind the Lyrics of the ‘Avicii’ song ‘Levels’

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Avicii’s “Levels – Radio Edit” is a fascinating dance-pop anthem that marries high-energy beats with captivating lyrical repetitions. Upbeat and uplifting, this track encapsulates the rush of positivity and good vibes, and speaks to the extraordinary excitement of charting unknown emotional terrain. Just like how a good EDM drop hits, this song is about getting that euphoric ‘never felt before’ sensation, that’s so intensified it feels transformative.

The “Oh, sometimes I get a good feeling, yeah” refrain is a powerful musical device used to elicit strong emotional responses from the listener. It’s not just about feeling good; it’s about experiencing an emotional high that’s unprecedented and overwhelming. Imagine that moment, where you feel on top of the world, maybe you’re in the middle of the crowd at a concert or just scored your dream job – that’s the level of elation Avicii’s trying to encapsulate here. This phrase is used in the song as the hook, pulled from Etta James’ song – “Something’s Got a Hold on Me,” binding soul music nostalgia with the futuristic sensibility of EDM.

The line “Get a feeling that I’ve never, never, never, never had before, no, no” amplifies this sentiment of profound euphoria. Avicii employs repetition for a kind of lyrical crescendo, driving home the idea of an incomparable emotional high. This isn’t about your run-of-the-mill happiness, it’s about breaking barriers and reaching new heights of joy – the kind that’s so profound, you’ve never experienced it before. And let’s not overlook the “no, no” at the end. It’s not a denial, but an affirmation, reemphasizing a sense of pioneering positivity.


In terms of its place in pop culture, “Levels” helped to solidify Avicii’s reputation as a pop dance music pioneer. With an uncanny ability to fuse soulful old melodies with throbbing beats, Avicii created a track that was both familiar and innovative. While the lyrics are relatively simple, their repeated declaration emphasizes the exhilarating burst of unprecedented joy. The song encapsulates the spirit of Avicii’s all-embracing musical approach, featuring a blend of the vintage (Etta James) and the modern (EDM), to soundtrack those unparalleled moments of ecstasy.

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