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Top 12 Best ‘NewJeans’ Singles that are Hot Right Now

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Nobody encapsulates the pulsating energy of the contemporary pop landscape quite like NewJeans. This trailblazing artist has been bending the genre like their own personal playground, crafting an enviable catalogue of earworms that push boundaries while remaining radio-ready. Whether they’re anguishing over love gone wrong in “Hurt,” delivering sugar-sweet confessionals in “Cookie,” or getting the party started with upbeat anthems like “Get Up” and “ASAP,” NewJeans consistently hits the mark.

Songs like “Attention” and “Cool With You” showcase their knack for introspective lyricism. The self-titled hit “New Jeans” is a testament to their talent, merging catchy hooks with deep, relatable themes, while “Hype Boy,” “ETA,” and “OMG” serve as exhilarating adrenaline shots, full to the brim with infectious beats and irresistible choruses. And then there’s “Super Shy,” a deceptively understated pop ballad that underscores NewJeans’ ability to evoke complex emotions through simple melodies.

Such a diverse array of hits makes ranking these singles no small feat. Nevertheless, we’ve accepted the challenge to dissect, analyze, and rank these captivating tracks. So let’s get into it. From the soul-baring “Hurt” to the riveting confidence of “Super Shy,” here are the Top 12 NewJeans Songs Ranked, from Worst to Best.

12. Hurt

The emotional tune comes across as a manifesto of self-protection and a direct rebuttal to love’s incessant unpredictability. The lyrics spin a narrative of standoffishness against vulnerability, a bold refusal to be the victim of emotional distress. The repeated lines “I’m not gonna be the one to get hurt” don’t just echo in your ears but linger in your heart, painting a picture of love’s resilience turned into caution. The song is a stark reminder that pop isn’t just about the glitz and glamour but about raw emotions coming to the fore. But hey, who said anti-love songs couldn’t have a catchy tune? With “Hurt,” NewJeans comfortably straddles the line between a club banger and a melancholic anthem, launching us into a journey through the rest of their discography.

11. Cookie

The song uses the metaphor of a cookie, handmade and baked to perfection, as a representation of the persona’s irresistible charm. This tune isn’t just about offering up tasty treats, it delves into the power dynamics of attraction. The lyrics flirt with the idea of desire and how it can be manipulated, triggering an insatiable craving that transcends basic needs like sustenance and quenching thirst.

Intriguingly, the song goes beyond mere sugary temptation. It’s about anticipation, the deliciously sweet and tantalizing game of ‘wait and see’. It dismisses immediate gratification, suggesting the thrill lies in the chase and anticipation. Just like a perfectly baked cookie, the allure of the persona isn’t for free, demanding a certain level of engagement and effort. Moreover, the song toys with the idea of harmless sabotage, the joyful destruction of the love interest’s self-control and diet. In essence, “Cookie” perfectly encapsulates the sweet, thrilling, and tantalizing dance of attraction and romance in the playlist of pop music.

10. Get Up

The track presents an all-too-familiar scenario of navigating the tumultuous paths of romantic relationships, especially when communication hits a snag. Packed with NewJeans’ poignant lyricism, the song revolves around the protagonist’s plea not to battle against the significant other’s ‘shadow’ – a metaphor for fighting against their past, their hidden thoughts, or unspoken grievances. The repeated line, “Meet me back in five if I matter,” encapsulates the demand for validation from the partner, a silent ultimatum that often emerges in tricky relationship waters. Emblematic of NewJeans’ deeply emotive writing style, “Get Up” expertly knits together the rawness of emotional negotiations and the determination to fight for a relationship’s continuity. It’s a song that undoubtedly resonates with anyone who’s ever found themselves hoping for a partner’s reassurance amidst a sea of doubts.


Let’s dive into “ASAP” by NewJeans, a track that oozes the urgency of modern day digital communication. The lyrics paint a picture of an impatient lover eager for interaction, invoking the widely-used acronym “ASAP” (as soon as possible). The song blends catchy techno beats with a narrative about the yearning for immediate connection, embodying the restlessness of romantic pursuit. We’ve got an artist skilfully using pop music as a tool to mirror the speed-obsessed, instant gratification culture that technology nurtures.

The repetition of the “tick-tock” symbolizes time ticking away whilst waiting for a response, hinting at the anxiety associated with digital communication. This resonates with the younger generation, who are well-acquainted with the frustration of delayed replies in the social media age. The expression “Hurry up, don’t say, ‘Maybe'” encapsulates this flitting impatience, translating into a universal experience of anticipation and desire with a modern day twist.

8. Attention

The track spins a narrative web around the quest for recognition and the craving for another’s gaze. The song’s chorus, “You got me looking for attention,” isn’t a cry for superficial admiration but an introspective realization about the intrinsic human yearning to be seen and understood.

The lyrics traverse from the timid beginnings of an unrequited love — “You and me, 내 맘이 보이지” (You and me, can you see my heart?) to the resounding declaration of desire – “A-T-T-E-N-T-I-ON, Attention is what I want.” The song encapsulates the erratic yet enchanting dance of love, evoking images of butterflies and paradises lost.

With a clever mixture of English and Korean verses, NewJeans delivers a heartfelt account of yearning, blending the emotions of romance and confusion. The ‘drop the question’ refrain echoes the uncertainties that often accompany love interest, creatively dovetailing global pop sensibilities with a uniquely Korean twist. “Attention” is a reflection of the universal desire for connection encapsulated in a four-minute pop symphony.

7. Cool With You

The track deftly encapsulates the carefree and exhilarating feeling of being unapologetically in love and finding solace in a relationship, echoing the sentiment in the chorus: feeling ‘cool’ with the significant other’s presence.

The song delves deep into the realm of new love, obscured by uncertainties, yet thrilling. It nuances the constant contemplation in love; the ambivalence between the yearning to express yet the hesitation to voice it, the fear of rejection yet the hope for reciprocation. NewJeans tactfully strikes the chord between unclear expressions and unexpressed emotions.

Above all, “Cool With You” highlights the liberating aspect of love where the lovers become their personal sanctuary against society’s judgment, symbolized by the line, “I don’t care what other people say”. Overall, it’s a slick pop track that combines emotional depth with infectious energy, a sound that NewJeans has masterfully made their own.

6. New Jeans

The lyrics embody a spirit of transformation and reinvention – it’s all about embracing change, shedding old identities and stepping confidently into new ones. The protagonist’s journey from a nebulous past into a bold, undefined future is set against the backdrop of fresh clothes, representing a pseudo-Phoenix rising. And in true pop fashion, the lyrics are brisk, they’re catchy, they have a hook that relentlessly echoes in your cranium. Yet, beneath the faceted pop sheen, there lies an undercurrent of anticipation, of an inner craving for ‘more’. It’s infectious; it’s edgy, and perfectly encapsulates the thrilling, uncertain ethos of youth. An anthem for the restless, the reinventors, the ceaseless explorers of self. There’s definitely more to NewJeans and this track than what meets the untrained eye.

5. Ditto

The lyrical dexterity paints a vivid image of someone stuck in a frustrating limbo, longing for a reciprocation of feelings. The whole “say it back” motif is a heartfelt plea for the protagonist’s affection to be mirrored, reinforcing the sense of yearning navigation through the maze of emotions.

Diving deep into the lyrics, beyond the surface-level pop polish, one uncovers a universe of emotional complexity. It’s a narrative about aching anticipation, and the frustration of waiting on an answer, all encapsulated in brief, charged lines of prose. It’s a symphony of euphonic longing, spiked with the urgent beats of the rat-a-tat-tat, symbolizing the pounding hearts of silent lovers.

Ultimately, “Ditto” thrives in its interplay between elated pop rhythms and its profound thematic core, as it masterfully amplifies the often understated, yet powerful undercurrents of affection and anticipation.

4. Hype Boy

Drawing from the palette of pop music, the track represents the vibrant fusion of catchy hooks, infectious rhythm, and candid lyrics that NewJeans champions. The lyrics express a riveting tale of a romance that’s as exhilarating as a rollercoaster ride.

This track perfectly captures the essence of young love’s throbbing pulse and its dizzying high. The protagonist pours their heart out, confessing their feelings, their desire, and their longing for the object of their affection. The lyrics speak of the protagonist’s yearning for recognition, affirmation, and the thrilling rush associated with that special someone – their “hype boy”. This song deftly encapsulates how a certain connection can feel so compelling, it saturates every aspect of life.

NewJeans’ “Hype Boy” resonates with a universal theme of love and longing, but it’s the delivery that sets it apart. With its compelling repetition of ‘hype boy’, the track encapsulates the exhilaration of being so consumed by passion that it feels like, to quote the song, a ‘chemical hype’. It’s a love anthem for the Gen Z, enshrining the intense emotions of youth and the dizzying infatuation that often accompanies it.

3. ETA

It’s a melodious call-out anthem, serving as a wake-up call for the listener who’s stuck in a quasi-toxic relationship. NewJeans don’t mince words. They voice their perception of the partner as deceptive and unworthy. Laying out a scenario where they are concurrently the observer from the sidelines, and a potential rescuer: “lose that boy on her arm”, they implore.

The lyricism is peppered with a cocktail of frustrations and solid advice, dressed up with a poppy beat that’ll give you whiplash because you won’t see it coming! Remember the day when you missed his birthday party? He lied. When your friend had a breakup? He lied. It’s almost a public service message wrapped in a catchy hook and groovy rhythm. What’s pretty rad is the constant refrain – that question of “What’s your ETA?” both a literal ask and metaphorical nudge – to make a timely exit from a bad love gig. Well-played, NewJeans!

2. OMG

A quintessential pop track, it dishes out a healthy dose of unadulterated, reverb-soaked love. The lyrics portray a narrative of a captivating romance, one that is both powerful and all-consuming. One that has the protagonist constantly in a state of awe – hence the expression, “Oh my, oh my God!”

Asking “who is he?” throughout the song, the lyrics evoke intrigue, capturing the mystery of a new love. This phrase also represents the public’s curiosity about this new, enchanting character in the singer’s life. The repetitive lines, “They keep on asking me, ‘who is he?'” create a riveting portrait of persona, shrouded in mystery, and the constant questioning from outsiders feels almost intrusive.

The phrase “he’s the one that’s living in my system, baby” suggests a healthy obsession, an infatuation so deep that it’s as if the person they love has infiltrated their very being. That’s love at the highest decibel, amplified by the electrifying beats of NewJeans. So, grab your headphones and blast “OMG” if you’re yet to experience this sonic love letter.

1. Super Shy

Its brilliance lies in the simplicity and vulnerability of its lyrics, seamlessly expressing the universal feeling of shyness and the need to express oneself. It is a testament to NewJeans’ genius that they can take a seemingly mundane feeling and turn it into a pop anthem. The recurring line “I’m super shy, but wait a minute while I make you mine” captures the duality of timidity and determination in pursuing love. This line communicates a resilient spirit, epitomizing those moments where desire outweighs fear. Furthermore, the song’s ability to blend languages, switching from English to Korean, echoes a universal sense of longing. It’s a track that adds depth to NewJeans’ persona, revealing an overlooked side of their artistry. “Super Shy” is much more than a pop track; it’s a heartfelt expression of identity and the silent struggle many face in expressing their emotions.

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