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Lady Gaga Collaborations: List of Songs & Artists

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With a discography that stretches the boundaries of genre and style, Gaga has brought together an array of artists from the legendary Tony Bennett to the explosive K-pop sensation BLACKPINK. Her ability to blend voices with contemporaries like Ariana Grande and icons like Elton John or Beyoncé showcases a unique talent for cross-genre and cross-generational partnerships. These collaborations not only highlight Gaga’s versatility but also her knack for creating moments in music that are both culturally significant and deeply personal. The roster of collaborators is a testament to her musical range, moving seamlessly from the orchestral gravitas of the Danish National Symphony Orchestra to the edgy remixes of Ashnikko and the disco-infused beats of Purple Disco Machine.

So let’s get into it. From song Just Dance to song Shallow, here are the best Lady Gaga’ Collaborations

10 Starstruck

Released: 2008

Features: Lady Gaga, Space Cowboy, Flo Rida

Through its throbbing beats and catchy hooks, Lady Gaga, alongside Space Cowboy and Flo Rida, crafts a narrative of allure and glamour, with lyrics that paint a vivid picture of nightlife and musical obsession. The track resonates with Gaga’s early pop persona, blending dance-worthy rhythms with a glimpse into the star-studded life. A standout line that captures the essence of the song is “Baby, ’cause you blow my heart up”, emphasizing the explosive impact of this starstruck encounter.

9 Just Dance

Released: 2009
Features: Lady Gaga, “Colby ODonis”

Fusing catchy beats with Gaga’s distinctive vocals and Colby O’Donis’s smooth contribution, the song is a call to abandon concerns and embrace the music’s escapism. “I’ve had a little bit too much, much (oh, oh, oh-oh) / All of the people start to rush” captures the disorienting, exhilarating feeling of being caught in the moment, making “Just Dance” an anthem for nightlife adventurers.

8 Sine From Above

Released: 2020
Features: Lady Gaga, Elton John

This track from Gaga’s “Chromatica” album dives deep into the theme of finding salvation and solace in music amid silence and despair. With its pulsating beats and soaring melodies, it underscores how music can be a transformative force. The heartfelt lyrics, “I heard one sine from above, then the signal split in two, the sound created stars like me and you”, poignantly encapsulate the song’s essence, celebrating the cosmic connection and rejuvenation that music brings.

7 I Don’t Know What Love Is

Released: 2018
Features: Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper

The song captures the uncertainty and fear surrounding the concept of love, especially when it’s so intense it feels unmanageable. The lyric “I don’t know what love is, I think that it’s just fear” strikingly encapsulates the confusion and complexity of their emotions. It’s a raw, emotional exploration of love’s enigmatic nature through the lens of two people desperately trying to grasp it.

6 Sour Candy

Released: 2020
Features: Lady Gaga, BLACKPINK

The song explores themes of contrasting personalities and the complexities of relationships through its clever candy metaphor. A standout line, “I’m hard on the outside, but if you give me time, Then I could make time for your love”, articulates the essence of vulnerability and the willingness to open up, resonating deeply with fans across the globe.

5 I’ll Never Love Again

Released: 2018
Features: Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper

As part of the “A Star Is Born” soundtrack, this song serves as a poignant climax, channeling the film’s themes of loss and the fear of loving again. The lyrics articulate a vow to never engage in the vulnerability of love, emphasizing the permanence of loss. A standout, heartrending line, “Don’t wanna feel another touch / Don’t wanna start another fire / Don’t wanna know another kiss / No other name falling off my lips”, encapsulates the song’s essence of finality and the irrevocability of goodbye.

4 Telephone

Released: 2009
Features: Lady Gaga, Beyoncé

The track pulses with the tension of wanting to disconnect from the demands of the outside world. Both artists, through their vocal prowess, embody a craving for freedom from the incessant bleeps of obligation. A standout moment, “Stop calling, stop calling, I don’t wanna talk anymore, I got my head and my heart on the dance floor”, encapsulates the song’s essence of seeking liberation through music and dance.

3 Rain On Me

Released: 2020
Features: Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande

The song merges Gaga’s theatrical pop with Grande’s powerhouse vocals, creating a dance-floor-ready track that’s both uplifting and deeply personal. The chorus “I’d rather be dry, but at least I’m alive, rain on me” serves as a powerful declaration of survival and acceptance, capturing the essence of overcoming adversity and finding strength in vulnerability.

2 Just Dance

Released: 2008
Features: Lady Gaga, “Colby ODonis”

Marking Gaga’s explosive entrance into pop royalty, this track’s synth-driven beats and catchy chorus became an anthem for letting go of troubles and diving into the music. “I’ve had a little bit too much, much (oh, oh, oh-oh)” encapsulates the song’s core message: sometimes, all you need to do is lose yourself in the music to find solace and joy, making “Just Dance” an enduring testament to the power of pop to uplift and energize.

1 Shallow

Released: 2018
Features: Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper

Its lyrics delve into the search for authenticity and depth in an often superficial world, striking a chord with anyone yearning for genuine connection amidst chaos. The song’s defining moment, “I’m off the deep end, watch as I dive in”, captures the essence of taking the plunge into the unknown for the sake of true fulfillment, making “Shallow” a powerful anthem of vulnerability and courage.

Yet there’s many more artists that Lady Gaga has collaborations and features with, including:

Tony Bennett, Philip De Blue, Danish National Symphony Orchestra, Danish National Junior Choir, Andrea Lykke, Diluckshan Jeyaratnam, Ludwig Wicki, Cahill, Bradley Cooper, Space Cowboy, Flo Rida, Ashnikko, Oscar Scheller, Florence Welch, Elton John, Ariana Grande, Purple Disco Machine, Colby O’Donis, BLACKPINK, Beyoncé.

In the meantime, we get to imagine who will be next?

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